New Leaks Show Bezel-Less iPhone SE 2 with FaceID!

Apple, the Cupertino based giant unveiled an iPhone quite different than its regular line-up over two years ago and called it the iPhone SE (acronym for Special Edition). The iPhone SE packed in high-end internals for not so premium a price. The phone was aimed at first time iPhone users who didn’t want to burn huge holes in their pockets and still get the iOS experience. Two years down the line, the company has been silent on any updates whatsoever on the device. Apple has been selling SE in decent numbers to iPhone users who are used to the smaller form factor seen on the iPhone 5 & 5s. The SE is also being assembled in India, thus contributing to Apple’s commitment to produce products in India.

Lately, leaks have been surfacing all over the internet regarding the iPhone SE 2.

Let’s start off with the most important aspect of the upcoming iPhone SE 2 – When will it launch?

The updated version of the iPhone SE is likely to be launched at Apple’s annual WWDC event which is scheduled on 4th June, 2018. The company is likely to release the phone alongside the announcement of iOS 12. This release date also seems more likely as Apple wouldn’t want to make the iPhone SE 2’s release as much of a big deal as its flagship devices that launch later in September.

Next, let’s throw some light on what we can expect from the phone itself. Taking some cues from the current iPhone SE which rocked internals from the iPhone 6s, its updated version is likely to borrow the A10 processor that currently powers the iPhone 7. With that said, the headphone jack is likely to go for a toss just like the current set of iPhones.

Speaking of the iPhone X, some leaks and renders do point towards the iPhone SE to have a bezel-less display with a notch. If that holds true, the phone will ditch the Touch ID sensor altogether and opt for FaceID instead. While all of this sounds pretty fascinating, it must be noted that the phone is going to be priced much lower and if Apple does manage to squeeze in FaceID in the iPhone SE 2, it may steal some limelight from the iPhone X. The only scenario in which this would happen is, when Apple wants to see all its iPhones with Face ID instead of Touch ID.

As long as we’re discussing the demise of the fingerprint scanner on an Apple smartphone, it makes sense to discuss what the phone will feel like, design wise. To start with, it might be just as thick as the current SE. It will also come with a flushed and non-existing camera hump and not rock like a seesaw every time you place it on a table, which is what we’ve been asking all along!

Next on the design front – IP ratings. Since the phone will draw some cues from the newer iPhones, waterproofing is an expectation from the device. To achieve that, the phone alongside losing the headphone jack, will also lose the clicky home button.

In addition to waterproofing, the iPhone SE 2 is rumoured to come with a glass back, borrowing some design cues from the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. However the latest leaks show the same metal body as the current SE. On the optics front, the phone will rock the single rear camera setup and not the fancy dual camera setup on the iPhone X. Despite that, iPhones have been known to capture some great images and the SE 2 will be no different.

A lot of users seem to be interested in a smaller sized iPhone with a full-screen display. It would combine the best of both worlds, the compactness SE promises and a sufficiently sized display. Also, who doesn’t like to save a couple of bucks? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Image Credits: Tiger Mobiles