New OTT Releases This Week (November 14 to November 20, 2022): Where to watch 1899, Anal Mel Panithuli, Godfather, Sardar, Wonder Women, and more

The third week of November, i.e., from November 14 to November 20, 2022, will be a treat for content lovers of all genres.

A few much-awaited shows return with new seasons. Viewers who enjoy international content can watch the sixth season of Elite on Netflix. Reports state that the new season is packed with twists and turns, which will keep the audience hooked for the upcoming season, which has already been approved.

Meanwhile, the audience in India, who love Hindi or other regional language dramas, can rejoice as several new shows make their way to the OTT screens. Dharavi Bank starring Suniel Shetty and Vivek Oberoi, releases on MX Player, Five Six Seven Eight and Country Mafia on Zee5, and many others.

Film buffs will also have their days packed with the release of the highly anticipated Slumberland and Godfather on Netflix, Sardar on Aha Video, Sita Ramam (Hindi) on Disney+ Hotstar and more.

This week will also see the beginning of India vs New Zealand T20 and ODI series. A total of six matches will be played between November 18 to 30, 2022, and stream on Amazon Prime Video.

OTT releases from November 14 to November 20, 2022

Title Platform Release Date Language
Yamraj Calling: S2 ShemarooMe Nov-14 Gujarati
Sumi Planet Marathi Nov-14 Marathi
The Bengal Scam Hoichoi Nov-14 Bengali
Run for the Money Netflix Nov-15 Japanese
Deon Cole: Charleen’s Boy Netflix Nov-15 English
Ottu/Rendagam Simply South Nov-15 Tamil
Mind Your Manners Netflix Nov-16 English
The Santa Clauses Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar Nov-16 English
Hostel Daze: Season 3 Amazon Prime Video Nov-16 Hindi
The Wonder Netflix Nov-16 English
Dejavu Simply South Nov-16 Tamil
D Block Simply South Nov-16 Tamil
Pistha Simply South Nov-16 Tamil
1899 Netflix Nov-17 English
Dead to Me: Season 3 Netflix Nov-17 English
Pepsi, Where’s My Jet? Netflix Nov-17 English
Aha Na Pellanta Zee5 Nov-17 Telugu
Christmas With You Netflix Nov-17 English
I am Vanessa Guillen Netflix Nov-17 English
Slumberland Netflix Nov-17 English
Godfather Netflix Nov-17 Telugu
Iravatham Disney+ Hotstar Nov-17 Telugu
Reborn Rich Netflix Nov-18 Korean
Somebody Netflix Nov-18 Korean
Elite Season 6 Netflix Nov-18 Spanish
Country Mafia Zee5 Nov-18 Hindi
Sita Ramam Disney+ Hotstar Nov-18 Hindi
Anal Mel Panithuli SonyLIV Nov-18 Tamil
Wonder Women SonyLIV Nov-18 English
Sardar Aha Video, Simply South Nov-18 Tamil, Telugu
Unstoppable 2 with NBK: Episode 4 Aha Video Nov-18 Telugu
India vs. NZ: T20 Amazon Prime Video Nov-18 Multi-lingual
Five Six Seven Eight Zee5 Nov-18 Tamil
The Twelve Lionsgate Play Nov-18 English
Dharavi Bank MX Player Nov-19 Hindi

Ottu/Rendagam | Simply South

Set against the backdrop of friendship as the theme, Ottu (Rendagam) is an action thriller where both the leads play pals. They are good friends and have had a solid bond. However, time tests this as Kichu is offered a one-of-a-kind, rather odd job to make a good amount of money. Being an idle guy, this is no less than a dream of making easy money, but to ensure he takes up the same, he must befriend David, who has lost his memory. What follows is a series of events revolving around Kichu. David and their circumstances.

The film was released as Ottu in Malayalam and Rendagam in Tamil

Where to watch Ottu: Simply South (Outside India)
Ottu IMDb Rating: 6.1/10
Ottu Cast: Aravind Swamy, Jackie Shroff, Kunchako Boban and others

Hostel Daze: S3 | Amazon Prime Video

Created by TVF and streaming on Amazon Prime Video, Hostel Daze is one of the popular shows followed by youngsters. The show follows the journey of four friends who are classmates and develop a thick bond during their tough survival in the first semester. Staying together at the hostel and facing obstacles, these boys have learned ways to survive. However, in this season, their lives will intersect even more.

Where to watch Hostel Daze S3: Amazon Prime Video
Hostel Daze IMDb Rating: 8.5/10
Hostel Daze S3 Cast: Nikhil Vijay, Shubham Gaur and others

Dejavu | Simply South

The Tamil language thriller film, Dejavu, released in 2022, received a positive response from the audience. The story follows the journey of Subramani, a novelist, who files a complaint about receiving harassing calls. However, he is not taken seriously. The complaint states that the calls are being made by characters he created in his novels. Basis this, he demands police protection. However, they mock him and do not take the complaint. Much to the surprise, the officials reach his house the next day to enquire about a call they received from Pooja, who claimed that she was kidnapped and also mentioned the writer’s name and details. What happens then are events which create a whirlpool of interesting twists and turns.

Where to watch Dejavu: Simply South
Dejavu IMDb Rating: 6.7/10
Dejavu Cast: Arulnithi, Chetan, Mime Gopi

D Block | Simply South

Tamil language coming-of-age psychological thriller film, D’Block, is set against the backdrop of a hostel in Coimbatore. Students from college life at the hostel’s D Block located in the middle of the forest. While everything is going well, one student notices something unusual and informs her friends, who take her lightly, assuming that it’s her imagination, until the next day when she is found dead. While the administration covers this up, not many can accept that someone is behind the death. What is the truth? Is there a conspiracy in the D’ Block of the hostel?

Where to watch D Block: Simply South
D Block IMDb Rating: 5.7/10
D Block Cast: Arulnithi, Avantika, Charandeep

Pistha | Simply South

Ramesh Baarathi directed the drama film, Pistha, which received a mixed response during its theatrical release despite a strong cast. The film’s story revolves around a businessman’s daughter, Vennila, who marries Mani only to inherit their grandfather’s property. She is arrogant and has only one motive. However, her life takes a turn, when she finds out some truth about Mani.

Where to watch Pistha: Simply South
Pistha IMDb Rating: 5.1/10
Pistha Cast: Yogi Babu, Satish, Senthil

1899 | Netflix

One of the highly anticipated series of the year, 1899, is presented as a horror-mystery set in a different period. The series created by Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar revolves around European migrants who are on a steamship, travelling from London to New York City, with an aim to start a new life. However, not everything goes as planned as they encounter another migrant ship in the open sea, which changes their expectations and hope into nothing short of a nightmare.

Where to watch 1899: Netflix
1899 IMDb Rating: 9.1/10
1899 Cast: Anton Lesser, Isabella Wei and Others

Aha Na Pellanta | Zee5

Sanjeev Reddy’s recently launched Telugu rom-com is an eight-episode series revolving around a bride who is kept waiting and leaves her groom at the alter after escaping from the marriage. What follows is a series of events which include revenge and offer a humorous take on irrational aspects, which bring twists and make the plot interesting.

Where to watch Aha Na Pellanta: Zee5
Aha Na Pellanta IMDb rating: TBA
Aha Na Pellanta Cast: Mohammaed Baig, Raj Tarun

Slumberland | Netflix

David Guion and Michael Handelman-written 2022 American fantasy adventure film, Slumberland, is based on Little Nemo in Slumberland, the comic strip by Winsor McCay. Official details about the plot of Slumberland, as shared by Netflix, says that the story “follows a young girl who uncovers a secret map to a world of dreams and nightmares. With Momoa’s character as a guide, 11-year-old Nemo (Marlow Barkley) travels through Slumberland searching for her late father. He takes on the form of a 9-foot monster-human hybrid.”

Where to watch Slumberland: Netflix
Slumberland IMDb Rating: 7.3/10
Slumberland Cast: Jason Mamoa, Marlow Barkley

Godfather | Netflix

Chiranjeevi will be seen playing the titular role of the film and will be accompanied by Lady Superstar, Nayanthara. The movie is an official remake of the Malayalam film, Lucifer, whereby after the death of a political leader, a mysterious man steps in to ascend the throne. Besides Chiranjeevi, Salman will be seen as a significant part of the film as his younger brother who is always beside him when he needs. Trade media reports state that the buyers of Godfather were quoting a high sum for the film and that the OTT giant, Netflix, has bought the digital rights for a whopping INR 57 crores, which includes the rights to the Telugu and Hindi versions of the film

Where to watch Godfather: Netflix
Godfather IMDb Rating: 5.9/10
Godfather Cast: Chiranjeevi, Salman Khan, Nayanthara and others

Iravatham | Disney+ Hotstar

Telugu-language drama, Iravatham, is based on a white elephant carrying the deity Indra. The makers here have used this metaphorically to showcase a white camera with the same name. The story of Iravatham revolves around beauticians working in the movie industry. She is in a relationship with a boy who gifts her a fancy white camera on her birthday, and as she begins shooting a video using the same, she comes across another version of her named Princess. What’s so special about the camera, and what is the secret behind Princess?

Where to watch Iravatham: Disney+ Hotstar
Iravatham IMDb Rating: 8.2/10
Iravatham Cast: Amardeep Chowdhary, Arun Jaanu and Tanvi Tyagi

Elite S6 | Netflix

One of the most popular drama series on Netflix is Elite, and after tasting success with five seasons, the makers of the show have returned with season 6. The show, primarily in Spanish, has been watched extensively since it became a hit in English. The official synopsis of Elite reads, “When three working-class teens enrol in an exclusive private school in Spain, the clash between them and the wealthy students leads to murder.”

Owing to the success of the previous seasons, Netflix renewed the series for a sixth and seventh season which will stream on November 18, 2022, followed by the seventh season later, which will bring original star Omar Ayuso back to the show.

Where to watch Elite S6: Netflix
Elite IMDb Rating: 7.4/10
Elite Cast: Omar Ayuso, Itzan Escamilla and others

Sita Ramam | Disney+ Hotstar

The year is 1964 when Lieutenant Ram is seen serving at the Kashmir border. Often, he receives anonymous love letters from Sita Mahalakshmi, which intrigues him to set on a mission to find Sita and propose his love. The 2022 film, made predominantly in Telugu, was also released in multiple Indian languages. The Hindi version of the film will be releasing on Disney+ Hotstar. The period romantic drama Sita Ramam written and directed by Hanu Raghavapudi received a mixed response from the audience. Media reports state that the idea of the film was born out of an unopened letter that the director received in a book. Additional aspects of the film were developed on a fictional level.

Where to watch Sita Ramam (Hindi): Disney+ Hotstar
Sita Ramam IMDb Rating: 8.5/10
Sita Ramam Cast: Dulquer Salmaan, Rashmika Mandaana, Mrunal Thakur

Anel Mel Panithuli | SonyLIV

Directed by R Kaiser Anand and produced by ace filmmaker Vetrimaaran, Anel Mele Panithuli is an adaptation of the novel of the same name, written by CS Chellappa. As per reports, the movie revolves around the traditional bull-taming sport, Jallikattu, and is set against the backdrop of a location in Tamil Nadu.

Where to watch Anel Mel Panithuli: SonyLIV
Anel Mel Panithuli Cast: Andrea Jeremiah

Wonder Women | SonyLIV

Directed by Anjali Menon, Wonder Women is a story of many pregnant women who meet at a class and over a period, their bond grows. Primarily made in English, Wonder Women stars eminent names in the show who have made a mark in the Indian Entertainment industry. Sumana is a prenatal class run by Nandita, where five pregnant ladies come to stay and eventually embrace on a journey of motherhood. However, during the course, they also learn about their new life, discover their true self, and find answers to several problems and situations. Besides English, the makers have also included conversations in Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, and other Indian languages.

Where to watch Wonder Women: SonyLIV
Wonder Women Cast: Nadiya Moidu, Nithya Menen, Padmapriya and others

Sardar | Aha Video, Simply South

The story of Sardar revolves around inspector Vijaya Prakash (one character played by Karthi), an officer who is always seeking publicity and brings himself in a position to gain fame. He takes up an important mission of retrieving the military secrets of the Indian intelligence agencies through a file which has been missing. However, during the investigation, he comes across a lead which reveals the connection between an ex-spy Chandrabose aka Sardar and the file. Sardar is also a master-in-disguise. However, what follows in the film is the journey to unveil Sardar, his intention, his connection with the file and more.

Where to watch Sardar: Aha Video and Simply South
Sardar IMDb Rating: 7.8/10
Sardar Cast: Karthi, Rashii Khanna, Rajisha

Unstoppable 2 with NBK | Aha Video

Earlier this week, an official announcement regarding the new guests for the show was awaited, and the team at Aha shared a question for the audience to guess the guests for the upcoming episode of Unstoppable 2 with NBK. Following this, an official announcement regarding the fourth episode was made on November 16, 2022, stating that another former CM of Andhra Pradesh, Kiran Kumar Reddy and former speaker of undivided AP, Suresh Reddy, will be the guests in the upcoming episode. The team also said that the shoot was completed and also included yesteryear actress Radhika as a surprise guest. The message on Twitter read, “And it’s a wrap! Next episode power, politics, movies inka memories, anni kalagalipi rabothundhi. Stay tuned!”

Where to watch Unstoppable 2 with NBK: Aha Video

India vs. NZ | Amazon Prime Video

India recently faced heavy disappointment after losing the semi-finals against England in the T20 World Cup. New Zealand, too, lost its respective semi-final match. However, both teams are set to go against each other in T20s and ODIs from November 18, 2022. Reports state that the players from the Indian squad have been strategizing to ensure victory. Against New Zealand, India will come with a new look of the squad, with Hardik Pandya leading the team instead of Rohit Sharma.

A total of six matches are part of the series, starting with three T20I matches this week, followed by three ODIs.

Date Match Details Venue Time (IST)
18-Nov-22 IND vs NZ, 1st T20I Sky Stadium, Wellington 12:00 PM
20-Nov-22 IND vs NZ, 2nd T20I Bay Oval, Mount Maunganui 12:00 PM
22-Nov-22 IND vs NZ, 3rd T20I McLean Park, Napier 12:00 PM

Where to watch India vs. NZ 2022: Amazon Prime Video

Five Six Seven Eight | Zee5

The story of Five Six Seven Eight revolves around two dance groups, Team Semba vs Team Vikram, from varied socio-economic backgrounds. However, they have one thing in common – their passion for dancing. The show follows their journey of becoming professional dancers despite coming from humble backgrounds and the challenges they face in the fight to chase their dreams. Talking about the characters, the makers mentioned that coming from underprivileged backgrounds, they will be blessed with profound talent and will have immense love for their craft. Moreover, efforts have been made to show their struggle, societal and familial pressures, natural talent for dancing, and more.

Where to watch Five Six Seven Eight: Zee5
Five Six Seven Eight Cast: Ditya Bhande, Shreya, Vivek Jogdande, Hunar Sharma, and others

Dharavi Bank | MX Player

Set in the heartland of Mumbai, Dharavi Bank revolves around Thalaivan, who operates a 30,000 Crore crime nexus. He rules the land, passes orders, and has become unattainable in the slums of Dharavi. However, this needs to change and to set this right, JCP Jayant Gavaskar is tasked with bringing this to an end. Gavaskar sets on a mission to change these adversaries and would go to any lengths to solve this at any cost.

Where to watch Dharavi Bank: MX Player
Dharavi Bank Cast: Suniel Shetty, Vivek Anand Oberoi and others.


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