Next iOS Update Will Allow Users To Avoid Performance Slowdown Due to Poor Battery Health

After being surrounded by controversies and class action lawsuits regarding slowing down of iPhones due to poor battery health, Apple will now address this issue through software to retain user loyalty.

After the issue coming to public knowledge, earlier last month, the Cupertino based giant initiated a battery replacement program around the world for users with older iPhones. This replacement program will run until the year-end where users with performance issues can replace their batteries for a discounted price. Together with this, Apple had also promised that they would introduce a tool in their next iOS update to monitor battery health of their device.

Photographer: Xaume Olleros/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Apple CEO Tim Cook today stated that the next iOS update will not only allow users to monitor battery health of their devices but also provide users the freedom of choosing performance over a poor battery. He stated that the update will make it more transparent to users on how their phone is performing with respect to the battery health. The update will be rolled out as a developer build later this month before being released as a stable update to everyone.

We’re going to give people the visibility of the health of their battery so it’s very, very transparent.
Tim Cook

The upcoming update will now alert the users if the performance of the phone is being reduced to prevent random shutdowns owing to poor battery life. But they will still be able to continue using the phone at normal performance at the cost of the battery if they so choose to. This will probably be similar to the low battery alert when the phone reaches 20% battery, asking if the user wishes to enable battery saver mode.

The next developer update is expected to come later this month or in early January. The following stable update can be expected to be out by March. With this upcoming update, will you be inclined to sticking with your older iPhone instead of buying a new one? What are your thoughts?