The Next Xiaomi Flagship Device, Mi Note 2 Leaked Ahead of the Launch; Features Snapdragon 821 and a Curved Display

Xiaomi did not bring the Mi Note to India and at the time the Mi4 stayed as the true flagship device from the Chinese manufacturer. However, those who follow the Chinese phone market will vouch that the Mi Note was perhaps the best smartphone that did not come to India last year. This year, Xiaomi is expected to announce the successor of the Mi Note, in the form of the Mi Note 2, and one would hope that unlike last year, the device will come to India.

Mi Note 2

With the announcement of the Redmi Note 4 done and dusted, it is speculated that the next device from the arsenal of Xiaomi will be the Mi Note 2. Broadly speaking, for those who just want to the point information, the Mi Note 2 looks a lot like a curved Mi5, which itself was inspired by the design of the Mi Note. Therefore, the Mi Note 2 is built on the exact footprints that made the Mi Note such a forbidden fruit that you wanted to consume for those in India.

Mi Note 2-Specs

According to the Weibo user, KJuma, the Mi Note 2 will come in a couple of variants. There will be a 1080P display variant with a 5.5-inch curved display and a Quad HD variant too. The RAM on board is expected to be 6GB, matching pretty much every flagship out there like the Note 7 and OnePlus 3. Powering the phone, most likely is going to be Snapdragon 821 chipset and have a dual camera setup on the back, which seems to be the next big trend started by the rumors of the next iPhone carrying it. It would be only expected that the device comes with fingerprint scanner baked into the Home Button, just like the Mi 5. Some of the older reports have stated that the phone will come with a 4,000 mAh fast charging battery and be available in multiple memory variants, with the highest one being a 128GB version with 6GB RAM.

There is no official confirmation on when the device will be launched, but with pretty much everything about the device being known, it would not be too long before we see it launched.

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