Nexus 4 Gives LG A Much Needed Image Boost In India

Samsung’s half-brother, yet another Korean giant LG hasn’t made an impactful switch from consumer durables to mobile, yet. While Samsung has done well for itself when it comes to mobiles with the title of the worlds largest smartphone maker. In comparison, LG has had to settle with moderate success in the Android race along with good contracts to supply display components to players like Apple and Nokia. LG also did its bit to ape the success of Samsung’s Galaxy Note with its Optimus VU, only to fall flat. So would the brand still be recalled as only good for ‘Washing Machines’ In India?

LG Nexus 4 India

Well there is one thing that LG has managed to pull off well, the Nexus 4. It may not be the best specced mobile out there, nor the most extraordinary, but it is a Google phone. The Nexus brand has done enough for consumers to trust LG as a mobile maker. For the first time we are seeing a bee line of consumers walking into mobile shops and inquiring about the Nexus 4 India launch, putting their names on a make shift register created to note unofficial Nexus 4 pre-orders, they call up every second day to ask if the phone has launched and take estimated launch dates with much hope.

Add to this the enthusiasm from die-hard Android fans across India. Some scrambling to get a piece from US, while others waiting to trade in their Galaxy Nexus’ as soon as the Nexus 4 launches. Never before has LG seen such a hype for any of its mobile product. If indeed Google is holding back the launch of Nexus 4 In India, it is very unfortunate for LG. But given what we are hearing (yes, again), the phone might well make its way to store shelves In India in mid-Jan, i.e. anytime in the coming two weeks.

We are promised the launch of only 16GB version In India and the pricing is said to be anywhere between Rs 22,000 to 26,000. Take this with a pinch of salt, none of our sources have been accurate when it comes to the Nexus 4. But as they say ‘Umeed pe duniya kayam hai’.

LG’s gains won’t be limited to the revenues from the Nexus 4, its existence alone has done enough good, an official launch could be a game changer though!


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