No Motorola Moto 360 3rd Gen This Year!

If you have been waiting for new Android Wear watch lineup before you can decide to pick your next smartwatch, you are going to be in for a long wait. Generally, around the holiday season, seasoned OEMs like Motorola, Huawei and LG come out with new Android Wear hardware, but looks like that will not be happening this year. Last year, it was around the same period we saw the Moto 360 second gen as well as the Huawei Watch come, but this year, Apple Watch Series 2 will be perhaps the last high profile Smartwatch.


The news that there will be no new smartwatches from the three premier Android Wear manufacturers this year comes from CNET, who have been confirmed of the news by the OEMs themselves.

It is speculated that the lack of interest around smartwatches in general is the reason why the aforementioned brands are reluctant to come out with another smartwatch, that may not end up doing well in the market. An LG spokesman stated that, “We want to see what sticks” when quizzed upon why would there be no new watches in the year.

With Samsung also releasing its Gear S3 recently and Apple’s Watch Series 2 coming out, it looks like the world will be a Samsung and Apple competition again. What is interesting is neither of the two watches are radical redesign from the previous generations and more like evolutionary products with focus primarily on health and fitness tracking. So, if Android Wear needs to take time off for a bit of redirection, you would assume, this is as good a time as there would be to take this time off.

via: CNET

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