Nokia Phone Reportedly Saves Man’s Life By Stopping A Bullet

“A Nokia phone can even survive a nuclear holocaust.” Well, this is just a joke but no one can deny the tough build quality of Nokia phones.

Recently, Microsoft’s General Manager of Core UX for Windows, Peter Skillman tweeted that a man’s life was saved by Nokia 301 phone when a bullet was stopped by the phone.

Though, it is not the first time that such an incident was reported. Other smartphones such as iPhone 5C, Huawei P8 Lite and Nokia Lumia 520 have taken bullet for their owners, literally. Nokia Lumia 520 was even called “Bulletproof” and became a popular meme on the internet after it reportedly saved the life of a police officer in Brazil.

After the recent incident, memes are again floating the internet and even the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 wasn’t spared. On one hand Nokia saves a man’s life from a bullet whereas on another hand Galaxy Note 7 keeps exploding and endangering the lives of people.

Resulted these incidents of exploding Galaxy Note 7, Samsung recalled the 2.5 million devices which is said to be cost approximately $1 billion. Recently, even an iPhone 7 was also reportedly exploded while in transit.

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