Norton AntiTrack launched in India to prevent tracking of digital footprints


  • Norton AntiTrack has been announced in India
  • It is designed to prevent companies from tracking people’s digital footprint
  • It provides a dashboard to provide real-time detection of trackers

Norton AntiTrack has been launched in India. It is a new product from the well-known cybersecurity firm NortonLifeLock, which provides more control to people over their digital footprint. As it is known, various companies and websites try to gain people’s personal data by tracking their online activity. The Norton AntiTrack can protect people’s digital footprints from such companies and websites.

The product offers real-time reaction and detection of trackers through an easy-to-use dashboard. It also has technology that stops companies from making digital profiles of users by using their fingerprints.

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Norton AntiTrack: Here are all the features

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Here are all the main features that the Norton AntiTrack offers:

Anti-Fingerprinting Capabilities

The anti-fingerprinting technology available on Norton AntiTrack hides users’ distinctive identifiers such as operating system, device, font size, display resolution, and more, making it harder for companies to track and create profiles of users by generating a digital “fingerprint” of them. The company says that since its beginning, it has blocked millions of digital fingerprints on behalf of its customers.

Blocking Trackers

NortonLifeLock’s research shows that Norton AntiTrack has been able to find up to 400% more trackers by building and updating dynamic lists of trackers using its crawling algorithms for tracker identification.

Cookie blocking

It aids in preventing cookies from attempting to track web browser history and gather personal data.

Faster browsing

By using algorithms to prevent webpage breakage, trackers are blocked before the webpage even begins to load, allowing webpages to load more quickly.

Tracking Dashboard

It features an intuitive dashboard where users can view information about third-party tracking attempts. It classifies them according to their seriousness.

At present, Norton AntiTrack is available for macOS, Windows 10, and Windows 11. It works with web browsers like Safari, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. It is not available on Windows 10 in S mode and on Windows running on an ARM processor. There is no dedicated Norton AntiTrack app available for the Android and iOS platforms.

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