After Note 7, Note 2 gets Banned by DGCA in India

Looks like Samsung simply cannot catch a break. After the Galaxy Note 7, the Note 2 becomes the latest phone to be banned by Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). The recent ban was enforced after a Galaxy Note 2 caught fire onboard an IndiGo flight. The Singapore-Chennai flight had 175 passengers on board when the smartphone caught fire mid-air.


The passengers of the 6E-054 noticed a burning smell in the cabin and alerted the cabin crew immediately. The crew found hat-rack of seat 23C to be the source of the smoke. After the passengers on nearby seats were relocated, the crew discharged a fire extinguisher.

It was later found that the smoke originated from a Galaxy Note 2 located in the overhead baggage bin. IndiGo reported that the crew transferred the Note 2 in a container filled with water in the lavatory. The pilot alerted the ATC about the condition onboard. The flight landed safely and the people were deplaned without any hassle.


After the incident, the DGCA has banned the Note 2 from Check-in luggage. The phone can be carried on the flight but must be switched off during the whole flight. Note owners are also directed to not charge their phones inside the cabin.

The DGCA had recently banned the Note 7 from check-in luggage following the FAA order to do the same. Airlines took to social media to convey the new ban to its flyers with Vistara tweeting the following.

The Note 7 exploding around the world has already generated a lot of negative press for the Korean smartphone maker. However this Note 2 incident and following action by DGCA is a result of the Note 7 recall. While Note 2 is a much old model and not under any known battery exploding issue, the incident comes at a very wrong time for Samsung. The Note 2 fire may have been an isolated incident or caused by 3rd party repairing or battery, we don’t know! But based on this one incident the same is now under the regulators lens in India.

That said, Samsung is all set to relaunch the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in India on 7th October, alongside the iPhone 7. Hope that one goes smooth this time.

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