Now You Can Run Two Windows Of Chrome On Your Phone With Instance Switcher


  • You’ll now get to use multiple windows of Chrome in Android.
  • You can use two Chrome windows in Split Screen and Floating Windows.
  • Google has yet to announce the feature officially.

Have you ever wanted two Chrome Windows to be open side by side and installed a different browser just for that? Now you don’t have to do that; the new Instance Switcher feature of Chrome on Android lets you run two copies of Chrome on your phone simultaneously.

This new feature on Chrome lets you open multiple Windows of Chrome, just like you’d do on your PC. This will bring an essential feature that Desktop and PC users are familiar with.

Running multiple windows allows you to run these two Chrome instances in split-screen and, if the custom skin allows, floating windows over one another.

You can now run YouTube in a window and keep it playing simultaneously over other browser tasks without using YouTube Premium.

This feature lets you sign into different Google accounts on different instances, keeping multiple browsing histories, bookmarks, and passwords.

Chrome multiple instances

Screenshot credit: Chrome Unboxed

While Google hasn’t officially announced the feature, it has been reported by Chrome Unboxed. Google has been testing this feature in Beta since last year, as per Fossbytes.

If your Chrome app has received the update, including Instance Switcher, you will see the option on the 3-dot menu in Chrome, which will be tagged ‘Manage Windows.’

If you don’t see the manage windows option, you can check Chrome flags (chrome://flags) to see if Instance Switcher is available to Enable.

In my phone, it is yet to arrive, and it wasn’t also available under Chrome flags. I guess I’ll have to wait; if you also did not see the options for Instance Switcher or Manage Windows, we’ll have to wait until the feature is rolled out widely.