October 24th the Date When Apple Announces the New MacBook Pro?

If any product has potentially eclipsed the interest that the iPhone 7 generated, it is perhaps the rumored upcoming MacBook Pro. Ever since the early leaks about a complete refresh of the MacBook Pro came along, the interest in the upcoming MacBook Pros has been immense. This is also because since Apple introduced the Retina display on the MacBook, not a lot has changed other than minor cosmetic changes and making the internals more powerful. This time around though, not only is Apple rumoured to be making the MacBook Pro slimmer and enhancing the look, it is adding things like an OLED panel which would replace the Function keys, a better keyboard and speaker experience, TouchID etc too.


Conceptual image by Martin Hajek

We have heard all the possible specifications and features in the new MacBook Pro but the million dollar question remains the same, when will it eventually come. For the first time, there is a date that is being mentioned and it is October 24th, if this report by TheApplePost is to go by. The report states that the keynote would coincide with the launch of the Apple AirPods, which are earmarked to come sometime in October. Not just AirPods, Apple is also expected to release the camera portrait mode of the iPhone 7 Plus publically. This would make sense as alongside new iPad, it will give Apple enough meat to stuff in a keynote session.

With an October late release, and sales beginning presumably around first week of November, this would all be right in time for the holiday shopping, a period that is critical for Apple in determining how well the year ahead will go. The MacBook Pro could also be accompanied by a 5K monitor with Thunderbolt connectivity.


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