OnePlus 5 in a New Colour Variant Teased by Amazon India

On: August 4, 2017

OnePlus in the past has made devices that have given high-end devices from other manufacturers a run for their money. This year they launched the OnePlus 5 which was received with mixed emotions owing to its looks that blatantly resembled the iPhone 7 Plus.

Amazon India has recently teased that ‘5omething new is coming’ with an image of the OnePlus 5. This points out the possibility of a new colour variant that might be available soon. Co-incidentally, OnePlus also teased the arrival of a new colour variant of the phone on the Chinese social networking site – Weibo. This move isn’t new with OnePlus as they have launched devices with a different colour variant a couple of months past the device’s initial release.

OnePlus 5 was initially launched in two colour variants – Slate Gray and Midnight Black, which were basically Black and a lighter shade of Black. Although Black devices are recently becoming a favourite for most consumers, there’s still a large chunk of people who would love to have a device with more colours instead of putting a case on it.

According to a source code unveiling, the new colour addition should be in Gold or Soft Gold. The source code has been uncovered from Amazon India’s product listing site before its launch. This colour variant is in-line with previous OnePlus devices such as the OnePlus 3T that was offered in a Soft Gold colour and the OnePlus X that came in Champagne Gold colour.

Even though OnePlus 5 has faced more than its share of criticism owing to its ‘inspired’ design language, it surprisingly has been received with much warmth by its users.

What is your opinion on the upcoming Gold variant of the OnePlus 5? Would you consider buying one due to its new colour? Do let us know in the comments section below

Image Credits: IBT