OnePlus 5T Becomes the Fastest Charging Smartphone Yet

One thing we all desire in our smartphones is a battery that doesn’t give up too early. A recent advancement that has somewhat addressed this issue is fast charging. A lot of Android smartphones come with fast charging and even the 2017 iPhones support it. So a question that deserves to be asked is which smartphone charges up the fastest. In a charging test done by Tom’s Guide, the top 10 flagship smartphones of 2017 were pitted against each other and the OnePlus 5T emerged as the clear winner. Let’s find out how fast it charges up compared to other popular smartphones.

For this test, all the smartphones were tested with the chargers included in their box (except iPhones – which does not ship with a fast charger!). In just 30 minutes, the Oneplus 5T was able to fill up 59% of its 3300mAh battery. When calculated for an hour, the phone was almost fully charged at 93%. These excellent results can be credited to OnePlus’ exclusive Dash Charge technology.

For those unaware about Dash Charge, it is OnePlus’ in-house battery charging technology that helps a phone charge faster than usual. The mechanism behind it is different from Qualcomm’s Quick Charge technology, which is used in most Android smartphones. If you want to know more about how Dash Charge works, this is a great explainer article.

Image Credit: Tom’s Guide

The phone that came a close second to the OnePlus 5T was LG’s 2017 flagship, the V30. It was able to charge the battery 53% in 30 minutes and 86% in an hour. Next in the line were the iPhones launched this year, iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, in that order. All of them took 30 minutes to charge around 50% and an hour to reach 80%. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 as well as Google’s Pixel 2 were stacked below, in the same zone at about 35-38% charge in 30 minutes and 75% in an hour.

One of the other surprising observations from this test was the sluggish charging speed of the iPhone X, when charged with the in-box adapter. In 30 minutes, the phone could charge up only 17% and in an hour, the battery was filled only 37%. For a smartphone that costs Rs. 89,000, it is quite disappointing. In comparison, even the Rs. 16,000-priced Moto G5S Plus charges up approximately 40% in 30 minutes under standard conditions. The iPhone X supports fast charging too but only with the 29-watt adapter (and USB-C to Lightning connector!) that Apple sells separately at around Rs. 4000. With the fast charger, the top-notch iPhone can charge up 50% in 30 minutes and 81% in an hour.

Coming back to the OnePlus 5T, it is worth noting that the phone lacks wireless charging, a feature that most other smartphones in this list come with. OnePlus CEO Carl Pei had said during the phone’s launch that they decided against wireless charging as they believe Dash Charge easily compensates for it. Honestly, looking at the state at which wireless charging is currently in, it won’t be something a lot of users would miss. Also. wireless chargers are even slower than standard chargers.

Apart from all the goodness that the OnePlus 5T comes with, it is also the fastest charging smartphone you can get. At a price of Rs. 32,999, it is way cheaper than other smartphones compared in this test. So if you are looking to buy a phone that charges up quickly, you know which one to opt for.

Aditya Mohanty

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