OnePlus 5T thrashes iPhone X in Speed Test: The True Flagship Killer?

The iPhone X was the most anticipated smartphone of the year and for a good reason: it was Apple’s fresh new design product after a long time. The launch of the phone itself was done amidst much fanfare at the company’s new Steve Jobs Auditorium.

To shed some light on what the iPhone X sports under its hood, the new A11 Bionic chip runs the show. It is coupled with 3GB of RAM so the experience is pretty seamless also thanks to the optimisations iOS 11 has to offer. Up front are the two major eye-catching attractions of the phone – the bezel-less display and the kind of intrusive Notch. The display is what Apple has called the Super Retina Display which measures at 5.8-inches diagonally and bears an odd resolution of 2436 x 1125 pixels. The infamous notch also has a good reason to exist – to accommodate all the sensors required for FaceID to work as well as the front camera.

To PlusOne Apple in their own game, OnePlus launched the brand new OnePlus 5T. Oneplus’ offering similar the iPhone’s notch, was received with mixed emotions, although for a different reason. And no, the 5T doesn’t have a notch. The OnePlus 5T was launched close to 6 months apart from the OnePlus 5, which was not a very pleasant news to the multitude of OP5 users. That set aside, the 5T is a gorgeous device, everything the OP5 should have been in the first place, attested by the people we asked.

As it appears, the OnePlus 5T isn’t just great at aesthetics, it excels in performance as well. In fact, it just beat the brand new iPhone X in a speed test! This speed test was compiled by popular Youtuber EverythingApplePro who put the 5T against the iPhone X in a real-time usage test.


To overview the video, the OnePlus 5T breezed through loading applications apart from rendering 4K video which is still a limitation of the Snapdragon processor on the phone. This is where the iPhone X caught up to OnePlus’ latest offering, which for all intents and purposes was leading by 4 applications. In the second round that tested the phones’ capabilities to hold applications in memory, the OnePlus 5T excelled with its 8GB of RAM. The iPhone, on the other hand, struggled to hold applications in RAM after the weary task of rendering 4K video.

It is also worth mentioning that the OnePlus 5T is offered at a fraction of the iPhone X’s price and yet performs so well. This may be the first time an Android phone could be outperforming an Apple device. Kudos Oneplus!

What are your views? Do you think as Android phones are getting better with time should be a worry for Apple? Is Apple still leading in its game? Do let us know in the comments section below