OnePlus showcases all-black Concept One smartphone prototype

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019 tech show that was held earlier this month, OnePlus showcased its Concept One smartphone. The device featured a leather back panel in a Papaya Orange avatar. While the Concept One phone will never make it to the market, the Chinese firm may use its rear design and invisible camera technology on its forthcoming smartphones. OnePlus has now revealed the appearance of an early prototype of the Concept One smartphone in all-black version.

OnePlus Concept One

The OnePlus Concept One prototype in an all-black color

The OnePlus Concept One Papaya Orange edition featured orange leather a centre strip in black which housed the triple rear cameras. As it can be seen in the image, the entire rear of the new Concept One prototype is completely black in appearance. There is a subtle carbon fibre design in between the camera sensor. The Chinese firm did not reveal the front of the device. As the company had previously revealed, the rear design of the Concept One is inspired by the McLaren 720S Spider Sports car.

In an interview posted on OnePlus forums, Kevin Tao from the company’s Industrial Design team said that leather offers premium build quality, soft touch and thinner handfeel as compared to glass. If the company launches a phone with a similar rear design, it will look into making use of alternate options through which a leather finish and appeal can be achieved.

The Concept One device features a stitched leather rear and an aluminium alloy frame. The rear-facing vertical camera strip that houses three cameras are placed under the invisible electrochromic glass. The special kind of glass is mainly used in sunroofs on luxury cars, buildings and airplanes. When current passes through the electrochromic glass, its appearance changes from opaque to transparent in just 0.7 seconds and the three cameras become visible. It remains to be seen whether a OnePlus with the so-called invisible camera technology will be launched this year.

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