OnePlus Education Benefits offers exclusive discounts to university students and teachers: how to check eligibility

On: November 17, 2020

OnePlus has announced its Education Benefits programme in India with exclusive discounts for university students and teachers in the country. Notably, this is along the lines of Apple‘s Education Pricing for students, teachers, parents and staff providing discounts up to Rs 23,990 on a new Mac, and up to Rs 7,445 on a new iPad. However, OnePlus is offering much lower discounts as compared to the Cupertino giant.

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Just like Apple, OnePlus also requires students and faculty members to verify their student and employment status before they can avail discounts. The company is providing discounts on all OnePlus smartphones and OnePlus TVs. Additionally, eligible students and teachers can avail discounts on any OnePlus accessory as well. Here are all details of the OnePlus Education Benefits program in India.

OnePlus launches Education Benefits program in India

OnePlus is offering instant Rs 1,000 discount on phones and TVs as well as 5 percent discount on accessories to students and faculty members

OnePlus is offering an instant Rs 1,000 discount on phones and TVs as well as a 5 percent discount on accessories to students and faculty members

OnePlus has partnered with Student Beans for the verification of students and teachers’ status. If you are a student or a faculty member, you need to visit this link and click on the ‘Verify now’ button. You will be required to sign up for a Student Beans account and provide details like name, date of birth, gender, region, institution name and graduation year. Bear in mind that benefits can only be availed by existing students or faculty members.

Once your account is verified by Student Beans, OnePlus will add a new coupon voucher to the OnePlus account of the user, which can be applied while checking out an order. The brand is offering an instant discount of Rs 1,000 on OnePlus smartphones and TVs, as well as a five percent discount on all accessories including audio devices, cases, and protection. The discount can be claimed only once per year.

The coupon issued by the company will be bound to the OnePlus account used to verify the student or faculty, and can be used by that person only. Additionally, the voucher will come with an expiry of one year and if the voucher expires, users will have to reverify in order to get a new voucher.

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