OnePlus Nord AR invitation to go on sale on July 11th via Amazon

OnePlus has announced that AR invitations for the OnePlus Nord launch event will go on sale in India through Amazon on July 11th. The OnePlus Nord is set to launch in the country on July 21st at 7.30pm. OnePlus will launch the mid-range smartphone through an AR event, which will  allow users to check out the smartphone from all angles using augmented reality at home.

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OnePlus had previously used AR tech when it released a OnePlus 8 series unboxing filter on Instagram, which let users virtually unbox the phones.

OnePlus Nord AR invitation goes on sale on July 11th

OnePlus Nord will be unveiled through the world's first AR launch event

OnePlus Nord will be unveiled through the world’s first AR launch event

The OnePlus Nord AR invitations will be sold on Amazon starting at 12pm on July 11th. The invitation has been priced at Rs 99 and OnePlus will send a physical invitation to the buyer. Users who purchase the invitation will also stand a chance to be part of the launch day lottery that will be held on Amazon.

To be able to experience the smartphone using the AR invitation, the buyer will have to download the OnePlus Nord AR app from the Play Store or App Store. Once installed, all that the user will have to do is to scan the QR code on the invitation to launch the web AR experience and then scan the AR invitation to initiate the hands-on experience.

OnePlus Nord launch date in India

Speaking of the OnePlus Nord AR app, users will need the same for watching the launch live stream that’s scheduled on July 21st at 7.30pm IST. All that users have to do is set up the app by selecting an avatar, and open the app at the time of launch event. However, in order to have a smooth AR experience, users will need to have a stable Internet connection.

OnePlus has also announced that the Nord will be up for pre-booking starting July 15th on Amazon. Interested buyers will have to pay Rs 499 to pre-order the device.

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