OnePlus partners with Keychron for its first-ever mechanical keyboard



  • OnePlus is set to foray in to a new product category
  • It is partnering with Keychron to make mechanical keyboards
  • The brand will announce more details next week 

OnePlus announced a co-creation platform called ‘OnePlus Featuring’ yesterday. Under this program, the brand will work with different partners on new products. The first company to partner with OnePlus is Keychron for computer keyboards. 

OnePlus has been steadily expanding its product portfolio over the last few years. The brand is entering the PC segment with the upcoming monitors set to launch on December 12th. 

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OnePlus Keyboard confirmed to launch soon

The keyboard was chosen by OnePlus community members as a future product category for the brand. As mentioned earlier, OnePlus is partnering with Keychron for its first-ever keyboard. The latter, founded in 2017, is a popular mechanical keyboard brand with fans across the world. 

OnePlus said that its first-ever mechanical keyboard would be fully customisable, featuring Keychron’s technology. A forum post suggests that it will come with durable construction with a soft-touch finish. The brand hasn’t divulged too much information about its upcoming device, but more details are confirmed to be revealed on December 15th. It remains to be seen if the switches, keycaps, and more elements of the keyboard will be customisable.

In a community post, OnePlus says that “The OnePlus keyboard is about to bring something new and something exciting but is also going to deliver a wonderful solution that can help you be more productive (or a better gamer). We met issues when typing and clicking before, of course. So did our users. Therefore, this keyboard is meant to fix that. After this talk with our users, we are more confident than ever that we will succeed.“

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