OP Full Form – What Does OP Mean and How to Use it in Social Media, Gaming, Anime, Forums, and Many More

Have you heard of OP? Some say it is related to Social Media, while some are to Gaming. But what does it stand for? Social media and gaming are two different worlds. Yet both of them have many takers, especially in India. Social media is a place to upload photos, browse content and interact with your friends, while gaming allows you to improve your cognitive skills while making friends and pursuing a common goal. Both of these genres have a common term that is often used, that is, “OP”! Let’s find out what OP stands for and how is it used! Read on.

OP Full Form

OP Full Form

OP stands for the overpowered or original post.  The first is in the context of gaming, while the second is in the context of social media. OP also stands for the original post on internet forums and message boards. 

History of OP

How and when this term came about in gaming is a little cloudy.  This term may be used in any game where players find something unbalanced concerning the game and bestow too much power on its user.  Let us take, for example, the popular game PUBG. In this game, there is a mighty gun called the Groza. This gun is really powerful and has the edge over the others Because of its excellent base damage and rate of fire. One can call them OP  guns due to this advantage. In another case, the term may be used when a player easily overpowers an enemy. It is used in a particular scenario where the player defeats everyone else very easily and re-balances the overall condition of the game. People use the term OP gameplay for such a performance. 

In social media, the term OP Is as old as many social media platforms.  The term came about when someone had to refer to the original post of the original poster. 

How to use OP in Social Media?

In social media, this term may be used to describe the original poster of a piece of content.  Depending on the social media channel, this can mean many things. Let us illustrate this with some examples. 

1.WhatsApp Chat 

WhatsApp Logo

 Let us take the example of a WhatsApp group.

John posts, “I want to buy a laptop between the price of Rs 60k – Rs 70k.
A user replies by saying he should get a Macbook Pro for that price and gives his reasons for doing so.

A third person interjects and says.” I think OP is only looking for a Windows laptop, not a Macbook.” The OP here is John, the Original Poster. 

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2. YouTube


Let us take, for example, the comment section of a YouTube video.

Larry – “ This song reminds me about love.”
A user replies, “ this song reminds me of loss, not love.”
A third user replies – “I agree with OP; I feel love when I listen to this song.”

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3. Instagram 


On Instagram, let us assume that someone has posted a picture of the Canary Islands and has captioned it as the “ most beautiful place on the planet.”  Let us assume someone comments, “ the Caribbean Islands are better.”  Yet another person comments, “ I agree with OP.”

4. Twitter


On Twitter, the term OP may be found if you encounter any long thread on any particular topic. Suppose there is a thread on the Batman movies with peOPle discussing which movie was the best. 

Tweet 1 – “ The Dark Knight was a masterpiece. Nothing comes close to Heath Ledger’s performance as the Joker.”

Tweet 2 – “I disagree. The Joker was great, but do you remember Bane from The Dark Knight Rises?”

Tweet 3 – “Have to agree with OP here. The Dark Knight was the best. Nothing comes close.”

5. Snapchat


In Snapchat, OP refers to the original post.  Let us understand with an example. Suppose two people are having a direct message chat on Snapchat.

Terry – “ I like the new AIR Jordans; I am thinking of getting myself a pair.”

Susan – “ Sneakers are a waste of money, there are so many other things that you are better off buying.

Terry -“But these are not just a pair of shoes they are a legacy.”

Susan – “Well, I will have to agree with your OP then.”

 How to Use OP on Forums?


On Forums, too,  the term OP is frequently used. Here also, the term means original post.  For instance, suppose there is a forum where people discuss games,  specifically the GTA series.

Thomas – “There is nothing like GTA 5.  That has to be the best version of the game to be released.

Fred –  “GTA 5 lags sometimes.  That way, GTA 4 is better.”

Tina- “Well, I have to agree with the OP here GTA 5 has something the others don’t”.

How to Use OP in Gaming?

Rolle Eroberer Veranschaulichen joystick graphic verbleibend Buße eine Billion

To describe a character, skill, or weapon as OP is to say they get so much strength that one player has an unfair advantage. It is overpowered because, in the game, nothing comes close to it.

For instance, in 2018, the Infinity Blade was accessed by many Fortnite players.  This sword was far more potent than any other weapon, and any player who found it nearly always won. Almost all the players agreed that the Infinity Blade was OP or overpowered, which is why the developers removed this sword from the game.

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How to Use OP in Anime? 


The opening credits/song of an anime series is called an OP. The longer the series, the more the number of OPs performed by bands or artists.

Usually, gamers say that Naruto characters have a bunch of OP abilities and hax that One Piece characters will struggle to get around.

In that context, it just means Naruto characters have ‘stronger than usual hax’ compared to the ones seen from the One Piece verse.

Another example would be –

A gamer says you have this: This guy is OP

This means this guy is strong.

Then the other game has to say: Goku is too OP for Naruto.

In that context, it means Goku is too overpowered for Naruto.