Activate your Health with the upcoming OPPO Band Style, which is more than just a fitness band

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way people think about their health, especially when it comes to tracking and measuring it. This, in turn, has also transformed the way people shop for fitness bands. While most wearables that are available in the market today are reasonably good and help you monitor the basics like steps and heart rate, it was about time that someone came up with a device that would do much more than that.

Thanks to smart device maker OPPO, this reality doesn’t seem too far off and you can gear up to activate your health! With the upcoming OPPO Band Style, the brand is planning to completely alter the meaning of healthy living. With its launch on March 8th alongside the OPPO F19 Pro Series, the device is set to introduce users to a new kind of convenience in health monitoring.

Track your SpO2 levels with ease

Keeping track of your SpO2 levels makes a big difference between feeling healthy and actually being well. It essentially gives you an indication of the amount of oxygen in your bloodstream and whether or not it is enough to keep your organs running fine.

And now, with the prevalence of diseases like COVID-19, tracking one’s SpO2 has become even more critical to make sure that your body is doing fine. While oximeters and doctor;s visits are usually helpful, for the average user, a wearable device that lets them track this with ease and at their own convenience is even more useful.

This is where the upcoming OPPO Band Style with its Continuous SpO2 Monitoring is expected to be a game changer. With a built-in optical blood oxygen sensor, the OPPO Band Style can monitor and conduct non-stop SpO2 monitoring up to 28,800 times. Essentially, you can check your blood oxygen saturation at any time, and better understand your health situation.

The OPPO Band Style is also likely to come with continuous Heart Rate Monitoring, to give you round-the-clock health information, with timely information on any fluctuations in your heart rate. Top that off with 12 workout modes based on popular sports, and this band will accurately record a variety of exercise-related data, including your heart rate, activity length, and calories burnt. The device aims to combine the best of health and fitness features and goes beyond the standard fitness bands out there.

Plus, the device is expected to flaunt an industry-leading 1.1-inch AMOLED screen and will initially be introduced in two stylish colours to ensure that your comfort and style can go hand-in-hand.

A great health tool

OPPO is gearing up to benefit more and more users around the world with its health services and wearable smart devices. The brand’s efforts at creating IoT products have been ongoing for quite some time now, but the fact that the company is launching a device like this at such a relevant time, shows how it is committed to creating technology solely for user needs.

The OPPO Band Style looks like it is going to be one of the best health devices to have come out in recent times, and we are super excited to explore these newer possibilities in health and tech.