OPPO ushers in a new era in Android customizations with the #AlwaysSmoothColorOS11, making your smartphone experience fluid and fabulous

OEMs have come a long way from a time when they had to wait for ages before getting the latest Android update for their devices. After all, what is solid hardware without its reliable software?

One brand that is leading the pack when it comes to integrating stable Android updates with unique customizations is OPPO. With a stunning line-up of devices in 2020, the brand has showcased its prowess in software advancements already. And now, ColorOS 11 offers an unprecedented level of UI customization to help users unleash their imagination and personalize their smartphone experience. It’s a positive industry advancement, as phones often experience lag and stutter as a result. But OPPO seems to have overcome all those barriers through its unique innovations and an eye for perfection. Additionally, this is the fastest and widest rollout in ColorOS history – the complete rollout will cover over 28 OPPO phone models!

Being among the first OEMs to bring the latest Android 11 update to global users with the #AlwaysSmoothColorOS11, here’s how OPPO is helping users get a seamless smartphone experience that promises to #MakeLifeFlow on the latest OPPO F17 Pro.

Superlative performance to keep you going all day long

For users who rely heavily on their smartphones to get through the day, ColorOS 11 on the OPPO F17 Pro is a godsend! Constant screen lags will be a thing of the past, thanks to the Super Touch feature that lets you scroll freely, and responds immediately to every touch. For multi-taskers, launching apps or switching between them is also super smooth now.

The unique UI First 2.0 feature with AI App Preloadingwill help your device learn all your daily usage habits, and predict the app you are likely to open so that it can pre-load it for you. So, if you need to text someone or switch to watching a video, ColorOS 11 has you covered.

And there’s something for gamers too. The UI First 2.0 feature automatically detects when you launch a game and opens the game space to assist you with gaming. This is especially helpful during a gaming session when you want zero interruptions and an immersive experience. You can also take in-game screenshots and screen record. ColorOS 11 will also wow you with its three different gaming modes. There is a Low-Power mode that helps offer better battery life, Balanced mode that promises great CPU and GPU performance, and the Competition mode that runs the GPU and the CPU at their full capacity. What more do you need?

Smoothness and seamlessness also make their way into your device through ColorOS 11’s Quantum Animation Engine 2.0. This great feature will create responsive and realistic animations that will make you feel like you’re interacting with real objects. The feature is fast, trendy and gives great screen fluidity. So, no matter what you throw at the screen of your OPPO F17 Pro, ColorOS 11 will give you a beautiful rebound effect that is unseen on any other customized android device.

Even on the battery front, the OS shines through. The F17 Pro is OPPO’s leading global smartphone with the company’s 30W SuperVOOC 4.0 fast charging technology. But OPPO hasn’t sacrificed its battery to promote fast charging. Instead, it upgraded its OS to include Battery Guard, a new feature in ColorOS 11 that halts charging once the battery reaches 80% of its maximum capacity overnight. So, whenever you wake up, charging will resume until the battery level reaches 100%, so that you’re completely ready for the day, without any worries.

Another defining battery feature that OPPO has introduced with the ColorOS 11 is the Low Battery Message, which is exclusive to Indian builds of the OS. This feature will allow you to send messages with your current location to select contacts whenever your phone’s battery drops down to 15%. Not only does this show OPPO’s continuing commitment to the Indian market, but addresses a key consumer pain point in a country as large as ours. There’s also a Super Power Saving Mode, which can provide you up to 90 minutes of use for WhatsApp for your phone on a mere 5% battery. Isn’t it incredible?

Never-ending customization options

You will fall in love with the sheer number of customizations that the OPPO F17 Pro offers with the ColorOS 11. From icon styles, app layout, to fingerprint style, theme colours, font style, edge display – you can change everything that you want!

And while most OS’ offer either a light mode or dark mode, OPPO has gone a step ahead to give you three modes! If you are a fan of the extra dark (Enhanced) mode but are unable to see a few things because of it, OPPO has given you the option to reduce contrast. So, you don’t have to compromise on how you want your phone to look.

For users who like stock icons, you can easily download a custom icon pack and use it on the F17 Pro without any issues. You can tweak the theme, the size of the icons, and make your phone look like the way you want it to be. There is also an option for the always-on-display, which goes pretty well with the F17 Pro’s 6.44-inch Full HD+ Super AMOLED display, making the viewing experience brilliantly immersive.

Protect all your precious and private data

Data privacy has taken center stage in all our conversations around technology lately, and OPPO leaves no stone unturned to ensure your privacy remains protected at all times. This is why the ColorOS 11’s Scoped Storage feature will stop any malicious apps from obtaining your private data. Third-party apps can only access their private data and, if authorized, data in the public folders of the system. Moreover, you get to pick what level of access you want to give to the app when it is opened for the first time.

There is also a Private System feature, which is perfect to protect your private data. You can create a separate system where your apps and data are independent of the original system, and make it accessible only via the fingerprint or password that you set. And if you are planning to migrate your data to a new phone, ColorOS 11 will let you do that in a super-fast and extremely secure way.

A cherry on the Android cake

ColorOS 11 is a solid addition to the stable Android 11. With a massively enhanced UI, tons of customization options to choose from, balanced performance, and security like no other, the entire experience on the F17 pro feels fast, fluid, and fabulous.

OPPO has truly done a great job of taking the best features of Android 11 and implementing them in the ColorOS 11. What’s more, it surpasses most other Android smartphone brands in delivering an OS experience that doesn’t slow down the super-fast smartphone experience, ushering in the future of personalization on Android. For this, and all the other interesting customizations OPPO ColorOS 11 gets a full five stars from us.