Here’s why the OPPO F11 Pro is the best phone under Rs 25,000

On: April 4, 2019

When the OPPO F11 Pro was launched not too long ago, its price tag came as quite a surprise. The global brand decided to sell this powerful piece of hardware at just Rs 24,990. At that price, it offers the benefits of a rising selfie camera, apart from a bevy of high-end features and a supremely stylish appearance. But with plenty of other interesting smartphones also enjoying a spot in the sub-Rs 25,000 bracket, what makes the F11 Pro the best among the lot? We’re going to be answering this very question today. So, without wasting any more time, let us delve deep into its offerings.

Flagship-grade Design

The OPPO F11 Pro features an incredibly alluring appearance. The edges taper towards the sides with grace, and contribute a lot to the in-hand grip of the device. You can even forget about using the bundled case, as the device offers a firm grip in hand. What makes the F11 Pro an absolute looker is the gradient finish on its back surface. Thunder Black and Aurora Green are the two colours this phone comes dressed in. While the former offers a glistening combination of a violet and blue, the latter impresses with its green and blue glow.

The phone also holds two cameras on its rear surface, one among which is a whopping 48MP in resolution. We’ll talk about the prowess of this snapper later on, but you should know that underneath this dual camera setup sits a traditional capacitive fingerprint scanner.

Coming to the front of the device, it’s occupied by 6.5-inch display that sprawls across almost the entire fasica. With a 90.9 percent screen-to-body ratio, this panel allows for a highly immersive experience while consuming content. This is achieved of course thanks to the phone’s incorporation of the ‘Rising Camera’ which rises swiftly whenever needed. Coming back to the display, it’s an IPS LCD panel that showcases its visuals in a resolution of 1,080 x 2,340 pixels. If you’re someone who adores the headphone jack, you’ll be pleased to know that F11 Pro has one of these too.

With a design that’s on par with flagship smartphones that come at double the price, the F11 Pro is one of the best-looking phones you’ll find in the market.

Powerful Cameras

While the F11 Pro features an impressive rear camera setup, all the attention is on the motorised rising camera of this smartphone. This is a 16MP sensor that appears whenever you need it, like a genie, so to speak. This camera is paired with an f/2.0 lens, which lets in enough light for your low-light selfies to look absolutely gorgeous. And if the conditions are so dim that you feel the need for a flash, you can turn on the phone’s screen flash functionality to add some additional light to your selfies. As you might have guessed, a portrait mode is definitely present on this device. It does a great job at separating your face from the background, and adding a convincing blur to the latter. You can even take advantage of the face beauty mode for accentuating your facial features further.

And now, let’s switch our focus towards the equally impressive rear camera setup of the OPPO F11 Pro. Like we said, this combination consists of a 48MP main camera that’s paired with a 5MP depth sensor. The company has gone really big in the camera department, and it shows in the image quality that’s yielded by its sensors. The 48MP main sensor is accompanied by an f/1.79 lens that provides great results under low light. But that’s not the only thing the phone does to offer good results under limited lighting conditions. It also adopts an Ultra Night Mode, which leverages the company’s AI Ultra-Clear Engine to smartly recognise scenes and optimise the settings to suit the kind of light available. This mode also makes use of image stabilisation to allow long exposures.

The secondary 5MP camera is of course meant to deliver portrait effects, and it does its job beautifully. The device’s camera app is quick and intuitive. Quick toggles for photo, video and the portrait mode are easily accessible at the top, whereas options for panorama, manual mode, time-lapse, slow motion video and night mode are hidden in the sub-menu.

There aren’t too many phones in the sub-Rs 25,000 segment that offer premium features like a rising selfie camera and 48MP rear camera, and with the OPPO F11 Pro, you’re getting more than your money’s worth with these powerful snappers.

PUBG-friendly Performance

The tried and tested Mediatek Helio P70 platform has been granted to the OPPO F11 Pro by its makers. This chipset is made from the 12nm process, and possesses an octa-core setup. Four among those eight cores are Cortex-A73 units clocked at 2.1GHz, while the other four are Cortex-A53 units clocked at 2GHz. The Mali-G72 MP3 GPU handles the phone’s graphics, and as for memory, there’s 6GB worth of RAM onboard, apart from 64GB of expandable storage. All this hardware translates into quick performance that’s devoid of any lag. Whether you are browsing through your social feeds or playing high-end games like PUBG and others, you will have no qualms with the kind of performance this phone delivers. Another thing we loved about the F11 Pro is its thermal management. Even after spending hours playing a heavy game, its rear panel didn’t feel warm to the touch. A steal at this price, if you ask us.

Super-charged Battery life

With a 4,000mAh battery nestled inside it, you don’t have to worry about this phone running out of power. You can put it through rigorous usage and still end up with some charge left on it at the end of the day. Our usage scenario included a full day of gaming, watching videos on YouTube, browsing social media and replying to instant messages. At the end of it all, we still found the phone to have around 10 percent of charge left on it on average every night. And just in case you forget to charge it during the night, the phone’s VOOC Flash Charge 3.0 technology ensures that you won’t need to keep it hooked to the charger for long. This proprietary technology from OPPO offers 20W fast charging via micro-USB, which is quite a novelty. Using VOOC 3.0, you are able to juice up the phone enough in no time. That’s a feature you won’t even find on the latest iPhones, for which you’d need to shell out triple the price, at the very least.

Feature-packed Software

ColorOS 6 is the software of choice for the F11 Pro. This is a version of the company’s skin that’s based on Android 9.0 Pie, the latest stable Android build available out there. It brings with it some really interesting changes over the previous version of ColorOS. First let us speak about the UI, which is distinctly minimal and clean this time around. The notification shade is filled with large toggle switches that ensure that there’s no accidental clicking. We also liked the fact that the screen brightness slider is placed at the bottom, which makes it easier for you to reach it with one hand.

A few other unique features of ColorOS 6 include a Smart Riding mode that automatically disconnects all calls, while also notifying the callers that you are riding a bike. There’s even the updated Game Space. It’s essentially a gaming mode that blocks calls and notifications during your long gaming sessions. It also acts as a hub for all the games that are installed on your device. Moreover, it has been granted the ability to optimise your phone’s performance by clearing the RAM right before you jump into a game. It also features three modes that decide how much battery life is consumed during gameplay.

Lastly, in case you thought that the fingerprint scanner is the only security feature included on the device, you should know that it also comes with a face unlock functionality of its own. When turned on, it summons the pop-up camera to instantly appear and authenticate your face. With many mid-range and flagship phones still running older Android versions, the OPPO F11 Pro stands out with the use of the latest Android 9 Pie, so you’re guaranteed a safe, secure software experience.

True value for money

It has been quite some time since we’ve seen such an impressive handset in the under-Rs 25,000 price bracket. The OPPO F11 Pro is the beneficiary of an exquisite body, the appeal of which is enhanced by its Rising camera mechanism. And then there’s also its 48MP rear camera to marvel at. With such great qualities combining with fast performance and splendid battery life, this phone really is the best you can buy under Rs 25,000.