OPPO F11 Pro: redefining the smartphone experience 

On: March 13, 2019

It’s a rare device that manages to tick all the checkboxes and yet comes in at a decent price of Rs 24,990. But that’s exactly what the OPPO F11 Pro is about. The flagship device blends high-end specs with a surprisingly affordable price to make for a well-rounded package that won’t just tempt buyers with a limited budget – we reckon even those with fatter wallets could get swayed by the OPPO F11 Pro’s mix of performance and great pricing. Here’s a look at what makes this phone such an amazing all-rounder:

Redefining software: the intelligent operating system

Rounding up all the reasons that make the OPPO F11 Pro such a compelling buy is its OS. Unlike so many other manufacturers that are still stuck on older releases, OPPO has decided to base its ColorOS 6.0on the latest version of Android: v9.0 Pie.

ColorOS6.0 includes several enhancements that make for a faster, smoother user interface. At the same time, new, unique features make for excellent all-round usability.

Gamers and power users will also love HyperBoost, which offers custom performance optimisations that balance power saving and battery life with faster frame rates and smooth navigation. Interestingly, HyperBoost also works its magic on network optimisation, making for a better online gaming experience.

Overall, expect faster launch times, slick navigation, 3D sound, and so much more. The GameBoost feature, meanwhile sees OPPO offer game-specific optimisation. Yes, PUBG is part of this (over 50 games as of now). Other gamer-friendly features include Dirac HD sound, and Game Space, which works as a dashboard-and-control-centre for all your games.

But even if you aren’t a gamer, you’ll appreciate the attention to detail that’s gone into developing ColorOS 6.0: From iSmart antenna algorithms that boost network performance, to boosting app responsiveness, to maximising available memory when the device starts – it’s made keeping heavy usage in mind. 

Usability is also excellent, thanks to features like the new Smart Assistant that gives you all the information you need, a special cycling mode, Android P gesture control, and smart notification control that minimises distractions by low-priority notifications. Overall, you’ll find the OPPO F11 Pro to be a smartphone that seamlessly complements your lifestyle.

Pricebaba’s rating: ★★★★

Redefining Hardware: the ultimate PUBG rig

The surprises with the F11 Pro don’t stop at the surface – start using it and you realise why this is a flagship (without the flagship pricing!). But first, we have to mention the display – the edge-to-edge, notchless screen isn’t just the perfect size for video streaming usage (6.5-inch), it’s also sharp, vibrant, and has a resolution of 1,080 x 2,340 pixels.

Moving on to the other bits that make this new device so compelling, you’ll be happy to know OPPO has picked a rather stellar SoC – the MediaTek Helio P70. The Helio P70’s advanced architecture gives better camera performance and lower power consumption that delivers a power-packed device. This hexa-core processor is paired with 6GB of RAM, which should be enough even for the most demanding multi-tasking guru or mobile gaming enthusiast, making long PUBG sessions a breeze.

There’s also 64GB storage (enough for storing entire seasons of Netflix and Prime Video shows, and yet saving space for the latest games), and you can expand this by a whopping 256GB. Add to that, the OPPO Cloud Service provides an additional 5GB of free storage.

You also get dual 4G nano-SIMs, LTE, Bluetooth 4.2, GPS, 802.11ac Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi 5), and yes, as all music aficionados will be very pleased to know, a 3.5mm headphone jack.

But there’s more here that makes the F11 Pro such a killer device. There’s a 4000mAh battery which should make for astonishing battery life (aided by the cool-running SoC and the OS optimisations), and VOOC 3.0 fast charging that can give you several hours of talktime in just a few minutes (a very critical feature for anyone who uses their phone a lot). But even if you forget to top-up your phone, OPPO’s got you covered as the F11 Pro has enough juice for up to 12 hours of video or up to 5.5 hours of gaming.

Pricebaba’s rating: ★★★★

Redefining smartphone design:  bezel-less display and panoramic screen

One area where the F11 Pro really shines is the design – and we don’t just mean ‘looks’. Sure, it’s gorgeous, but those good looks are complemented by design that includes practicality, and yes, innovation. Things you’ll love include the 6.5-inch Panoramic Screen that offers an astonishing 90.9 percent screen-to-body ratio thanks to the minimal bezels. As we mentioned, the selfie camera is a rising version which helps maximise the screen area. The crisp, vibrant screen dominates the front of the phone, giving the OPPO F11 Pro a very futuristic appeal.

Even better is that this unique design makes for a clean, cohesive look – not only are the bezels super-skinny, but there’s also no distracting notch (let’s face it, notches might be better than fat bezels, but taking away the notch and yet keeping the bezels minimal is a real triumph of design and engineering).

At the back, the 3D nano printed panel catches your eye – OPPO’s also managed to get a very seamless gradient texture – making for a smooth flow of colour that looks superb – and very upmarket. The two colour choices – Thunder Black and Aurora Green – really make excellent use of this 3D gradient styling. Meanwhile, the subtly rounded edges offer tremendous grip, making day-to-day usage rather comfortable. You’ll also be happy to know that this design makes it less likely that you’ll drop your new phone. In essence, the F11 Pro is exactly what good design is supposed to be –a combination of aesthetics and ergonomics.

Pricebaba’s rating: ★★★★★

Redefining Cameras: powerful 48MP dual camera

Where most phones let you down is in the camera department – but the F11 Pro isn’t any ordinary smartphone – it’s a revolutionary one. What that means is that OPPO has packed the F11 Pro with the kind of specs you’d expect in a device costing much more.

Starting with the rear camera first, the 48MP primary rear camera with its 1/2.25 sensor size (a feature expected from fancy mirrorless cameras and not super-slim smartphones) gives buyers the best of ALL worlds: ultra-high resolution with excellent low-light performance and noise reduction. The addition of a closed loop VCM mechanism makes for super-fast autofocus speeds of 100ms, which is useful not just for candid and street photography but also for action shots.

OPPO’s also combined this flagship-level hardware with flagship-level image processing: There’s AI-powered scene recognition that covers everything from your pet dog, and close-ups of flowers to beach snaps and fireworks (23 in all). Portrait enthusiasts will also love the 5 new portrait modes that OPPO’s imaging experts have worked on. Meanwhile, ardent shutterbugs will go nuts with the Depth-of-Field preview and Bokeh Preview control – features more commonly expected from high-end mirrorless cameras and DSLRs. And finally, there’s a Dazzle Colour Mode that uses the AI Engine to bestow vibrant, life-like colours on photos, no matter what lighting conditions they were taken in. With special colour curves for skin colour, these will give you the best keepsakes of special occasions.

OPPO’s Ultra Night mode can leverage AI technology and multi-frame noise reduction to achieve handheld stabilisation and improve dynamic range. This enables users to capture levels of brightness and detail that normally exceed the limits of the human eye. A key feature of Ultra Night Mode is face protection. When you take a night portrait, the F11 series can automatically distinguish between a human face and a background, ensuring that the portrait is the focus of the scene with the background blurred.

Moving on to the unique, rising front camera (16MP), OPPO’s done some really wonderful stuff for the selfie-taker. With a new face-slimming function, and AI as well as custom beautification options, we have to say it’ll be difficult to stop falling in love with yourself. OPPO’s AI Engine also takes gender, age, and other parameters into account – offering an easy “aim, smile, and shoot” experience – which really makes selfies a lot more fun.

Pricebaba’s rating: ★★★★