Your Search For A Perfect Battery Phone With Great Looks And Amazing Features Ends Here With The OPPO F23 5G

OPPO has made an exciting announcement with the launch of its highly anticipated OPPO F23 5G in India. This latest smartphone offering from OPPO promises to impress with its powerful battery, unique design and advanced camera features.

In our fast-paced life, low battery anxiety, which can lead to nomophobia, is real. We are constantly worried about running out of battery or being stranded without our phones. However, with its cutting-edge battery technology and personalised features, OPPO F23 5G seeks to eliminate the dreaded low battery anxiety that plagues us all. The recently launched OPPO F23 5G comes with a large 5,000mAh battery, which is coupled with an array of software tweaks that allows even power users like us to use the phone all day long and not worry about running out of battery.

Along with this, the OPPO F23 5G has exceptional build quality. Its range of flaunt-worthy colours and ultra-slim design has already captured the market’s attention. The smartphone packs in a plethora of other features like a 120Hz refresh rate display, 64MP AI camera, and dual stereo speakers that make it a compelling choice.

The OPPO F23 5G is priced attractively at Rs 24,999 and is available on Amazon, OPPO stores, and other mainline retailers. In this article, we will delve into the features that make the OPPO F23 5G a top contender in this price segment, especially for those seeking a long-lasting battery and performance.

Unmatched Battery Endurance: Power through the Day with the OPPO F23 5G

The under Rs 25,000 market is super competitive, and picking the right smartphone can be daunting. OPPO F23 5G is a perfect smartphone for consumers that are anxious about dying smartphone batteries. The power-ranger OPPO F23 5G can deliver over 39 hours of phone calls, 16 hours of YouTube videos, and 8.4 hours of gaming on a single charge making it a dream device for any power user.

What’s even more impressive is the bundled 67W SuperVOOC™ charger that can charge your phone up to 50% in just 18 minutes and 100% in only 44 minutes. As someone who is always on the go, we found this to be a game-changer. While we were using the device, we never had to worry about running out of battery during the day, no matter how much content we shot or edited using this phone.

Another noteworthy feature of the OPPO F23 5G is its Battery Health Engine, which helps to double the battery lifespan by monitoring the charging process and extending the battery’s service life to over 1,600 charging cycles. This means the phone is built to last for at least four years of usage, providing an outstanding experience for users.

Not only this, OPPO’s Battery Health Engine has won the 2023 SEAL Business Sustainability Award! This award for their homegrown BHE tech adds to the growing international recognition of OPPO’s efforts to enhance sustainability through technical innovation.

In addition to the big battery and impressive charging speeds, the f23 5g also has an all-day ai power-saving mode that allows you to select up to 6 apps to use in super power-saving mode, which can deliver an impressive 17 hours of use with just a 5% charge. The super nighttime standby feature optimises power savings at night, consuming only 2% of power and allowing you to wake up to a fully charged phone. You can now enjoy uninterrupted entertainment and gameplay, browse the web, or attend virtual meetings with supreme confidence that your device won’t run out of juice. The OPPO F23 5G series is indeed designed to last, making it a true game-changer in the realm of smartphones.

While the phone packs in all these handy battery enhancements, it also ensures the safety of the consumers. The F23 5G delivers 5 layers of charging protection. This feature protects this phone from current or voltage overload, ensuring that you can charge your phone safely and without worry. From the charging adaptor to the charging cable and battery, this device has your safety covered.

Overall, the OPPO F23 5G is designed with users’ needs in mind, providing an unparallel experience that keeps them connected all day and night without worrying about battery life. If you value a long-lasting battery and want to stay connected without interruptions, the OPPO F23 5G is definitely the smartphone of choice for you.

Personalise and Enhance: The Versatile ColorOS 13.1 works like a charm

OPPO is known not just for its stellar hardware but also for exceptional software prowess. Through its ColorOS 13.1, the phone maker has introduced a range of innovative features that enhance user experience and prioritise privacy. All these capabilities and features are also available on the OPPO F23 5G. Here are some of the notable features:

Screen Translate: With this feature, users of OPPO F23 5G and other OPPO smartphones will be able to translate text from screenshots in over 100 languages. This is super helpful for people who are constantly travelling.

OPPO Auto Pixelate:  Auto Pixelate is a handy feature designed to protect privacy when sharing images on instant messaging (IM) apps. With just one tap, this feature quickly and safely pixelates profile photos and names in your images, safeguarding sensitive information and ensuring safe sharing.

5-Grade Access Controls: This feature empowers OPPO F23 5G users to have granular control over app permissions and data access. It offers hands-on settings that allow you to protect your privacy by managing app permissions or even blocking apps that may exceed their authorised access levels.

Stunning Design and Immersive Display

The OPPO F23 5G is a stunning smartphone that is sure to capture the attention of tech enthusiasts. It flaunts the much-talked-about OPPO Glow design, which exudes a mesmerising radiance, making it a visual delight even for tech enthusiasts. Additionally, the phone features a distinctive ring surrounding the rear camera, adding a touch of elegance to its overall aesthetics. It is available in two striking colours – Bold Gold and Cool Black. Featuring a large 6.72-inch LCD display panel, the phone is capable of delivering vibrant and clear visuals with a brightness of 680 nits.

There is also a dynamic 120Hz refresh rate that offers a silky smooth experience. The punch-hole cutout design adds elegance while making room for the impressive 32MP front camera. With a weight of 192 grams and a thickness of 0.8 cm, the phone looks sleek and lightweight to hold. The impressive screen-to-body ratio of 91.4 percent ensures an unobstructed view.

Powerful Processor

Powering the OPPO F23 5G is the mighty Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 processor, which ensures smooth performance and seamless multitasking. Whether you’re streaming content or playing the latest games, this phone is more than capable of handling all your needs. The smartphone is equipped with 8GB of RAM and offers ample storage with 256GB of internal storage, allowing users to store their apps, photos, videos, and more without worrying about running out of space. Also, OPPO uses its RAM expansion tech, which means when you’re gaming or multitasking, your phone can actually borrow some bandwidth from the storage to use it as virtual RAM. So, this effectively can have 16GB RAM when it wants.

The phone runs on ColorOS 13.1, OPPO’s custom user interface, which brings an array of innovative features and a seamless user experience. ColorOS 13.1 prioritises privacy with features like app permission management, secure keyboard input, and enhanced data protection. With the OPPO F23, users will get four years of Android updates and five years of security updates.

Professional Camera Performance

Experience photography like never before with the OPPO F23 5G and its advanced camera setup. The smartphone is equipped with a powerful 64MP AI main camera, a 2MP depth camera, a 2MP microlens, and a high-resolution 32MP selfie snapper, this phone is capable of taking your photography game to new heights.

With the OPPO F23 5G’s advanced camera features, such as Portrait Mode, AI Portrait Retouching, Selfie HDR, and AI Color Portrait, we were able to capture stunning, high-quality images in various situations. The camera’s colour balance was impressive, resulting in vibrant and lifelike colours in our photos. The sharpness of the pictures was also noteworthy, with every detail captured with ease, even in macro photography. The night mode is impressive and helps in capturing low-light images with surprising clarity and minimal noise.

In terms of video quality, the OPPO F23 5G did not disappoint either, with excellent stabilisation and smooth footage, even while moving. The bokeh mode also produced a beautiful background blur, enhancing the subject’s focus and creating an artistic touch.

The OPPO F23 5G’s front camera, with its 32MP resolution, truly elevated our selfie game. The camera delivered amazing results, capturing stunning self-portraits with impressive sharpness and detail.


Battery life matters a lot to some people, and we are among them. The 5,000mAh battery inside the OPPO F23 5G was hence a blessing for us. No matter how heavily we used the phone throughout the day, we always had plenty of juice left in it for some bedtime browsing. In fact, with moderate usage, we were easily able to keep it going for two days straight.

In conclusion, the OPPO F23 5G offers a lot more than it promises and that too in the under Rs 25,000 segment. Its battery performance is remarkable. With lightning-fast charging, long-lasting battery life, and innovative features like the Battery Health Engine and 5-layer charging protection, it is a cut above the rest.

The All Day AI Power Saving Mode and Super Nighttime Standby make it a perfect companion for your daily needs, while the safety features ensure that you can use your phone without worry. Its glow design and attractive colour will make heads turn. The software is intuitive and fluid, and we were able to get a lot of amazing shots from its camera. If you’re looking for a smartphone that will keep up with your demanding lifestyle, the OPPO F23 5G is the device for you.

OPPO F23 Pro 5G: Price, Sale Date and Offers

The OPPO F23 5G is priced at Rs 24,999 for the 8GB+256GB storage variant. The smartphone is already up for sale in India via Amazon, OPPO Store, and mainline retailers.

Moreover, the company is also offering excellent bank discounts, which will help sweeten the deal. However, these discounts may be for a limited period, and users are recommended to make full use of these launch offers.

Customers can avail of the following offers on the first sale of OPPO F23 5G. Customers can enjoy up to 10% Cash Back and No Cost EMI for up to 6 months from May 18 till May 31 on ICICI Bank, SBI Cards, Kotak Mahindra Bank, & other leading Banks and Financiers. The offer can also be availed from Bajaj Finance, TVS Credit, and HDB Financials on EMI Finance schemes. Loyal OPPO customers can avail an Exchange + Loyalty Bonus of up to INR 2500. Customers owning smartphones other than OPPO can also avail an exchange offer of up to INR 1500. Attractive EMI Schemes, including Zero down payment, are available on Bajaj Finance, TVS credit, IDFC First Bank, HDB Financials, & other leading financers. Customers can also avail the OPPOverse Bundle Offer, wherein they can buy OPPO F23 5G and Enco Air2i between May 18 to May 23 and get Enco Air2i at a discounted price of only INR 1799