OPPO patents a phone with ASUS 6z like flip camera module

OPPO is already offering multiple phones with a full-screen design without any notch or cutout for the selfie camera module under two of its smartphone series, including the Find and Reno. While the Find series has the Find X with a slider mechanism to offer an all-screen experience, the Reno series handsets utilise a Shark Fin pop-out module for the same. Now it looks like OPPO is planning to release a smartphone with a flip camera module just like the ASUS 6z.

OPPO could soon launch a phone with a flippable camera module

We’ve spotted an OPPO smartphone patent with a flippable camera module in the database of the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO). The images from the patent’s listing show an OPPO phone with a camera module just like the ASUS 6z. As you can see in the images, the device has a dual-camera system that flips to the front whenever you want to take a selfie. The two cameras are separated by an LED flash unit.

The flippable camera module of the OPPO phone could be similar to the ASUS 6Z

“The application provides an electronic device, the electronic device includes a device body and a flipping module. The device body is provided with a receiving window, and the flipping module is rotatably connected to the device body. The flipping module comprises a flipping block and a camera module and a receiver module received in the flip seat”, mentions the patent filing.

OPPO’s flippable camera module-toting phone’s patent has appeared in the database of WIPO

We can expect this camera module on one of the upcoming Find or Reno series smartphones. It’s worth mentioning that patents filed by smartphone companies don’t always make it to the commercial devices, so it remains to be seen if OPPO will use this camera module on its phones.

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