OPPO files patent for a pop-up selfie camera built into the rear camera module

OPPO has filed a patent presenting a unique solution to the pop-up selfie camera. The newly filed patent showcases an OPPO smartphone with a pop-up selfie mechanism, which is built into the rear camera module. This new approach to the pop-up camera mechanism might turn out to be way more productive and practical when compared to the traditional pop-up camera smartphones that are currently available in the market.

OPPO’s upcoming smartphone could take a different approach towards the pop-up selfie camera

The patent filed by OPPO reveals a pop-up camera mechanism with the rear camera module placed beneath the motorized camera itself. When the selfie snapper is retracted, the front of the smartphone displays a full-screen display. When the user wants to take a selfie shot, the rear camera module appears to rise, and the front camera emerges from within. This eliminates the requirement for additional hardware space, and could contribute to a more compact form factor. Here’s what the upcoming OPPO smartphone might look like:

One thing that our readers need to keep in mind is that filing a patent does not necessarily mean that the technology will be used on an upcoming smartphone. That being said, the implementation of an integrated camera module could turn out to be more practical and useful than the traditional one that we are used to seeing in the smartphones out there.

Pop-up selfie cameras are nothing new. We have seen several companies launching smartphones with a pop-up selfie camera to provide the user with as much screen estate as possible. The problem with such an arrangement for the front camera is twofold. Firstly, there arise issues related to the durability and longevity of the pop-up camera mechanism. Secondly, the pop-up camera adds to the overall bulk of the smartphone, thereby making it chunkier than the regular smartphones in the market. OPPO’s patent aims to solve both issues, but we don’t know yet if this could be successfully implemented on a commercial device.

For now, this is pretty much all we know about the potential OPPO smartphone, but we will keep an eye on the same and keep you posted, should we receive any more intel on it in the future.