OPPO is developing its own chipsets for their smartphones!


  • OPPO is reportedly developing its own chipsets for smartphones.
  • It could be used on OPPO phones from 2024.
  • It could be based on the 4nm process.

OPPO is reportedly working on their own custom self-developed SoC for their smartphones.

OPPO previously had their own custom ISP chipset for imaging, Marisilicon X. And they recently showcased the Marisilicon Y Bluetooth audio chipset at Oppo Inno day.

The reputed Chinese leaker Ice Universe has posted a new tweet about OPPO working on a self-developed processor to be used on its smartphones.

He also added OPPO has a chip development team of thousands of people and will develop its own processor in the subsequent tweet.

According to Gizmochina, a blogger with access to the TSMC supply chain has revealed that OPPO’s self-developed smartphone processor is scheduled for launch in the second quarter of 2023. It will be mass-produced starting in the third quarter, and it will be using 4nm fitfet technology and an external 5G modem.

Another reputed Chinese leaker Digital Chat Station also corroborated the same information about the self-developed SoC.

These all are leaks and speculations. We will have to wait until OPPO releases any official information about their self-developed SoC for any confirmation on any of this information. But as these leaks are coming from various sources, we can be at least sure about the fact that OPPO is bringing their own self-developed SoC sooner than later.

OPPO could be naming the new chipset Marisilicon itself, as it is the name the brand gave to its imaging and audio chipsets.

OPPO will join Samsung and Google in using their smartphones’ self-developed processors as Apple does.

But unlike Google, OPPO has a variety of smartphones like Samsung, varying from flagships to budget smartphones. It would be interesting to see which smartphone OPPO would choose to use its own upcoming SoC. It could be the Find X series of smartphones or the Reno series of smartphones, both of which are the premium lineup from OPPO. Let us wait for more news from OPPO to know more about this.