OPPO announces MeshTalk communications technology, unveils world’s first under-screen selfie camera

On: June 26, 2019

At the ongoing Mobile World Congress 2019 at Shanghai, OPPO again demonstrated how it’s on the forefront of innovation in smartphone technology. The company demonstrated two ground-breaking technologies at the event today namely MeshTalk and Under-screen camera. While the former is designed to enable communication without relying on any sort of radio network, the latter is intended to eliminate display notches completely.

OPPO MeshTalk technology

MeshTalk is OPPO’s proprietary communications technology that enables sending texts, voice messages and making real-time voice calls without using cellular networks, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. To achieve this feat, OPPO took the communication chipset back to the drawing board and customise it to facilitate communications with a lower power consumption over a longer distance. The outcome was the latest MeshTalk technology, which allows OPPO smartphone users to have end-to-end communications within a range of three kilometres.

OPPO claims that MeshTalk technology can facilitate ad hoc local area networks (LAN) between multiple OPPO smartphones within range. This will enable the devices to have group chat capabilities and also expand the communication range via signal relay. Being able to communicate without having to rely on radio network could be very critical during emergencies and calamities, and as such MeshTalk technology comes in as a great innovation from the brand.

OPPO Under-screen Camera

OPPO was one of the first brands to adopt a display notch and then get rid of it with motorised camera components. Now, the brand has made it clear that it doesn’t want the display notch as well as the motorised component for the selfie camera. For this intent and purpose, the company finally showcased its much-anticipated under-display camera tech at the ongoing MWC Shanghai.

OPPO claims that it has managed to achieve the feat by integrating a customised camera module with the display. The module makes use of a “highly-transparent” material, which enhances the transmittance of light through the screen to capture clear pictures. Additionally, the company has developed a bespoke algorithm for the module, which features advanced haze removal and white balance algorithms for improved output.

The Under-screen camera will allow the brand to make a true unibody smartphone with all display front, which is something everyone wants at this point. Unfortunately, OPPO has not revealed the timeline for when we can expect these two features to arrive.

Abhiman Biswas

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