OPPO beats Apple to the punch with a mixed reality headset of its own


  • The newly revealed MR headset will only be limited to developers, at least initially
  • Apple is rumoured to launch the Reality Pro headset at WWDC next week
  • OPPO has already launched a couple of VR headsets in the past, such as the Air Glass 2

With all the talk revolving around Apple’s upcoming Reality Pro AR/VR headset expected to be showcased at WWDC 2023, OPPO has managed to steal the Cupertino-based manufacturer’s thunder by unveiling its new MR (mixed-reality) headset, known as the MR Glass Developer Edition. The new headset was revealed at Augmented World Expo (AWE) 2023.

As the name suggests, this accessory will not be available to the public. Instead, OPPO will supply the headset as part of developer kits under the Snapdragon Spaces program in China. Qualcomm’s collaboration with EnlightXR will also be leveraged, with the latter managing the distribution of the MR Glass Developer Edition in the second half of the year.

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OPPO MR Glass Developer Edition specifications

Some of the catchier features built into the new MR headset are heart rate detection, fast charging based on the company’s proprietary SuperVOOC standard, dual RGB cameras, 120Hz screens, and Binocular VPT (Video Pass Through).

The headset runs on the Snapdragon XR2+ chipset, offering high-end features like 8K 360° video and improved heat dissipation over its predecessors. This is in addition to a bunch of minor changes and tweaks made to the VR-specific SoC.

OPPO isn’t particularly new to the AR/VR segment, as illustrated by the company’s hardware releases in the segment over the past few years.

More recently, OPPO took the wraps off the Air Glass 2, a lightweight pair of AR glasses packed with accessibility features, making it more useful than conventional smart glasses. Running on the Snapdragon 4100 platform, the Air Glass 2 can run for up to 10.5 hours on a full charge when combined with the portable charging base.

Source: OPPO