The upcoming OPPO Reno3 Pro is the ultimate companion for clear pictures in every shot

On: February 25, 2020

In the era of innovation and technology, OPPO is a prominent name known for creating benchmarks across various segments in the smartphone industry, with an emphasis on technological innovation and quality. Some of the notable features OPPO has delivered include cameras offering 10x and 20x zoom, VOOC fast charging, ColorOS, and Game Boost 2.0. Among the various of devices offered by OPPO, the A series and the Reno series are the most popular, known for their performance and camera technology. In fact, as per a recent report by IDC, OPPO recorded a massive Y-o-Y growth of 88.4 percent on the back of its Reno2 and A series smartphones.

Following the success of the Reno2, OPPO has now started teasing the launch of its much anticipated Reno3 Pro smartphone in India, which will be officially unveiled on March 2nd. Plus, India will be the first country to witness the launch of the Reno3 Pro global variant.

Ahead of this launch though, a few important specifications of this device have already been revealed. We now know that a total of six cameras will be present on the device, with four being reserved for the rear setup and two for the front. We also know what kind of internal hardware it has been equipped with, which guarantees users excellent everyday performance. As we await the launch of the said device, let’s take a look at everything we know about the OPPO Reno3 Pro so far.

Ultra-powerful internals

The OPPO Reno3 Pro is the world’s first smartphone to be equipped with the MediaTek P95 chipset. It is one of the most powerful AI processing engines available for 4G smartphones, and supports AI camera actions. It also upgrades the GPU, AI ability, and connectivity with high resource savings compared to the previous version. Upgrades in the GPU include gaming HDR/PG and low display latency. The Helio P95 promises top-end performance, given that it’s the successor to the Helio P90 from last year, which we’ve seen in several popular handsets.

What’s even more interesting is that this processor will be aided by 8GB of RAM. That’s enough firepower to facilitate quick multi-tasking and high-end gaming. Further, the base model of this phone will deliver 128GB worth of storage. The combined functioning of the processor and 8GB of RAM eliminates heating and lagging problems from this device.

The Reno3 Pro carries a 4,025mAh battery. This means you can expect full-day battery life from this device, even if you use it for heavy tasks throughout the day. And even if you do run out of juice, its VOOC 4.0 30W Flash Charge technology will ensure that your phone is up and running in no time. This technology prides itself on offering faster and safer charging than its previous generation counterparts. In fact, just 20 minutes of charging can provide the phone with 50 percent battery power to deliver hours of functioning.

All-round camera brilliance

The OPPO Reno3 Pro features a 64MP main camera on its rear surface. Not only will this camera cluster let you click great photos in all lighting conditions, but will also allow you to capture crystal clear 108MP images.

The quad rear cameras support 20x digital zoom to let you zoom in to see more clear details. It also features ultra-high imaging resolution, that directly generates 108MP images with clear details and textures even when they are zoomed in. The camera setup also sports an ultra-HD image feature for all the cameras.

Moreover, the camera unit also sports an ultra-wide angle lens of 8MP that can capture a 119.9-degree field of view. This feature lets you click crisp pictures of natural scenery, urban landscapes, or even perfect party shots.

The other camera onboard the Reno3 Pro is a 13MP telephoto lens that allows you to capture shots from a distance. It’s the camera that enables 20x digital zoom, and ensures high-quality images even at these extreme zoom levels. The final lens features a 2MP monochrome sensor meant for delivering optimum levels of contrast.

The cameras are also complemented by an Ultra Dark Mode that takes several shots with different exposures to combine them into one grain-free image. It works its magic in incredibly dark environments and uses AI to fill light into dark images. Moreover, when the illumination is lower than 1 lux, the phone will turn on the Ultra Dark Mode automatically and capture clear photos.

Stunning selfies with dual front cameras

The OPPO Reno3 Pro happens to be the world’s first smartphone with a 44MP dual punch-hole camera. The two lenses – 44MP + 2MP – deliver high-definition images that include authentic details of people’s facial texture. The innovative camera setup renders detailed selfies not just during the daytime, but also in lowlight environments. It also features the ultra-night selfie mode that includes multi-frame composition to capture several photos at a time with different exposures, AI-based noise reduction for delivering extra details and face protection to distinguish a face from the rest of the background.

What’s more pleasing is the presence of the 2MP depth sensor, that allows the phone to offer portrait bokeh effects for making your selfies look more attractive. This makes the dual punch-hole camera onboard the OPPO Reno3 Pro one of its most important features that will definitely be appreciated by those who click selfies regularly.

Both Amazon and Flipkart have put up teaser pages for the OPPO Reno3 Pro, even as the phone gears up for its launch on March 2nd. Let us wait until then to know more about this handset, including its price.