OPPO patents smartphone with a stylus that lets you make calls

Back in the early 2000s, it was a norm for first-generation touchscreen smartphones to have an integrated stylus due to resistive display panel. But with the advent of the capacitive touchscreen smartphones, styluses were not required anymore and quickly went out of circulation, apart from the Samsung Galaxy Note series. Recently, Samsung launched an affordable Note series device, the Galaxy Note 10 Lite. Motorola also came out with a mid-range stylus-toting smartphone, the Moto G Stylus.  Now a leaked patent discovered by LetsGoDigital suggests that OPPO could be looking to cash in on the stylus resurgence with a new device.

The stylus pen slots in on top of the device, most likely via magnetic pogo connectors

Unlike other patent drawings where only a part or a component is shown, the OPPO patent shows a complete smartphone with an integrated stylus. Moreover, as we can see in the drawing above, OPPO’s implementation is different from the ones we’ve seen so far. According to the drawing, instead of sitting inside a slot in the chassis, the OPPO stylus is actually the part of the chassis and sits atop the display, via magnetic pogo pin connectors. The drawing also reveals that the stylus comes with an integrated receiver, mic and battery. Which means it can handle calls on its own and will also last longer due to the battery.

OPPO’s unique stylus has its own battery and will let you make and receive calls

Apart from that, the Bluetooth-enabled stylus also seems to have dual buttons on the top, which could facilitate different tasks like remote shutter and more. Also, when the stylus is slotted in and is sitting on the smartphone, these buttons double as the volume control buttons, which is a nifty workaround. Speaking of the slot, there is a tiny portion of bezel on the phone housing the selfie camera and sensors with a hole on the side to insert the stylus tip. There are magnetic connectors on the bottom of the stylus to attach to the phone.

According to the patent listing, OPPO has already tested the stylus but it’s unlikely to become a reality soon as is the case with most patents.


Abhiman Biswas

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