If you ever wondered how phones are made, OPPO is giving us a sneak peek of its massive Greater Noida Superfactory

Admit it: we’ve all dropped our smartphone at some point or the other. Even if you’ve got a firm grip or have used one of those bumper cases seen on the bestseller lists of e-commerce stores, there is always a risk associated with dropping your phone. We see intentional drop tests racking up millions of views on YouTube. Dropping your phone can be a scary prospect.

According to a study by a leading glass manufacturer, the average user drops their phone at least SEVEN times a year. If that thought gave you the shivers, just wait till you watch OPPO willingly drop test its smartphones a heart-shattering 28,000 times in the testing room of its Greater Noida Superfactory. This is a perfect example of OPPO’s commitment towards delivering quality.

India is the second-largest market for smartphones in the world. And that means meeting the demand of this burgeoning market is not a small task. Akin to the Superhero of the tech world, one brand that has taken on the mantle to provide quality innovative devices to the Indian consumer is OPPO, with its Superfactory.

With its sprawling 110-acre Superfactory in Greater Noida, OPPO is capable of manufacturing millions of smartphones every year, making it one of the most sought-after brands in India. The sheer number of phones manufactured here makes OPPO’s manufacturing plant both locally and globally, a force to be reckoned with.

A “Superfactory” needs a superstar roster of talent. OPPO’s Noida hub is led by some of the best engineering minds in the country, employing a whopping 10,000 professionals to make the vision of high precision and impeccable quality devices a reality.

What’s so SUPER about this factory, you ask? Well, to begin with, it has the capacity to churn out 6 million smartphones during its peak season and manufactures one smartphone every 3 seconds.  That is not just a remarkable statistic, but also showcases the advanced manufacturing capabilities of the brand and its commitment to strengthen India’s manufacturing ecosystem.

The manufacturing process within the factory is a spectacle to watch, and brings unparalleled innovation to the smartphone manufacturing industry in India. It has been designed in a way that micro parts for 200 smartphones can be dispatched within 10 minutes. There are 52 rows in the assembly room and each row has 37 assembly stations and 20 test stations. The factory floor looks like artistry in motion when 7,000 workers occupy this space during peak times.

In another feat of manufacturing wizardry, each plate processed through the mounter holds 4 individual PCSs and a single printed circuit board assembly is completed in just 6.25 seconds. And where do these phones go before they find their way into the hands of OPPO Superfans across the world? To take a nap in the storage room, of course!

The storage warehouse area of the facility can hold over 1.2 million smartphones in its ‘super inventory’, ready to be shipped out on demand. This ensures a steady stream of supply so that consumers do not have to wait for their favourite devices to be restocked.

It’s not just the process that is the key here, but also the core equipment used in the Noida-based Superfactory. This includes high precision 3D inspection machines (AOI), Electrostatic discharge precautionary clothes, Screen color calibration equipment, Innovative camera calibration machines, fingerprint calibration and testing equipment and Antenna 5G test, to name a few. The implementation of this world-class equipment not only ensures industry-leading product quality, but improves the overall efficiency of the workforce as well, thus pushing the stock of “Made in India” tags higher and higher.

OPPO India’s strong commitment to quality ensures that the devices meet the highest quality benchmarks. In the hard pressure test, the smartphone functions are tested after a 35kg push is applied 100 times. For the variable temperature test, smartphones are placed under extreme temperatures ranging from a sweltering 50 degrees to a chilling -50 degrees Celsius, and their functioning capabilities are measured.

This high-level work ethic can be seen in all spheres of OPPO manufacturing; its workforce, its world-class equipment, its stringent processes and its R&D focus in the Indian market.  The Superfactory in Greater Noida is the core of that vision, and works in tandem with the R&D centre in Hyderabad, which has filed over 200 patents, making the brand a forerunner in innovation. OPPO not only plans to make the India R&D centre the hub of global 5G deployment, but also to allow for more customization for Indian audiences.

A recent example of this is the release of ColorOS spearheaded by the innovators at OPPO, curated specifically for the Indian smartphone user. With truly localized technology solutions such as a digital safe built on the DigiLocker stack of the Government of India, OPPO has shown a deep commitment to the nation and its people.

OPPO’s vision of delivering quality products experiences to its consumers has translated into brilliant growth for the company in India. In fact, leading analyst firm Canalys stated in its report that OPPO has witnessed an annual growth rate of over 23 percent, which is the highest among the top four players in the smartphone industry in the country.

OPPO and its ethos built around diligence and determination to technology and its dedication to customers is setting new benchmarks for the smartphone industry on a global scale. The company’s commitment to the ‘Make in India’ initiative is clear, not only by the generation of thousands of jobs for India’s growing workforce, but also by bringing class-leading equipment and processes to the manufacturing space with future-facing projects being a sign that the best is yet to come.

With its brand philosophy of “Technology for Mankind, Kindness for the World”, OPPO has its eyes set on taking India international, and plans to lead technological innovation and manufacturing. And the Superfactory is just the beginning.