OPPO VOOC Flash Charge Powerbank overview: sleek and speedy

For a long time, I have been on a hunt for a power bank that could make full use of the fast charging technology that’s available on my OnePlus 6 and any other review device that I might be using at a given point of time. Xiaomi‘s Mi Power Bank 2i with USB Type-C, two-way charge, sleek design and dual output has been one of the few powerbanks in India to offer fast charging. OPPO has now launched its 10,000mAh VOOC Flash Charge power bank, which as the name suggests, comes with VOOC fast charging technology. I have been using the accessory for some time now and here’s what I think.

The OPPO VOOC Flash Charge power bank is a refreshing detour from the standard chunky power banks that are available in the market at this point. The accessory flaunts a metal and plastic sandwich build with signature OPPO Find-series notch pattern on top. The use of plastic in the construct resulted in the power bank being lighter than other 10,000mAh power bricks in the market. Add to that the curved edges and corners on the OPPO offering and you have an ergonomic power bank, which slides in and out of bags/pockets easily. The cherry on top is the matte black paint job.

As for other elements, just like its looks, OPPO has kept ports to the minimum as well, which is one of the grievances I have with it. There’s only a single USB output port on the power bank, which means you can obviously charge only one device at a time. This is a downgrade considering most other portable battery packs offer at least two charging ports. Apart from that, there’s USB type-C two-way charge port, four LED battery indicators and a physical button on the side to check battery status. The button and USB ports have signature OPPO green trimming.

The attention to detail continues to the LED indicators as well. The white coloured LEDs each indicate 25 percent battery, so you can tell when the power bank is at 100, 75, 50 or 25 percent. The indicator also blinks when you are charging a device. A nifty feature is that the LEDs blink fast when the VOOC tech is being used and the phone is being charged rapidly, and blink slowly while charging at a regular speed.

Coming to the specifications, the OPPO VOOC Flash Charge power bank has been equipped with two Li-ion batteries with a rated capacity of 5000mAh, which in theory should offer 10,000mAh. However, OPPO has declared that the rated capacity of the charger is 6,200mAh, which could be accredited to the charge/discharge efficiency. In terms of battery efficiency, this is quite a low percentage, especially given this is an OPPO powerbank.

OPPO also states that the power bank can be charged using either a 10W or 20W power adapter. Being a OnePlus 6 user, I have the latter with me and used the same to charge the power bank from zero to 100. The power bank took slightly over 2 hours to completely charge, which is a very impressive number for a 10,000mAh power bank. Further, the powerbank was able to charge my OnePlus 6 completely within an hour and half, which might not be as fast as the wired Dash Charging but is pretty fast for a powerbank.

So, should you buy it considering it’s overpriced compared to offerings like Xiaomi Mi 2i Power Bank that offers similar features with two charging outlets? Yes and no. If you are tight on a budget, Xiaomi’s offering is a better value for money offering. However, if you want to add a premium-looking powerbank for your everyday carry with a murdered-out paint job, ergonomic build and super-fast charging capability, I would say the OPPO VOOC Flash Charge power bank is worth the Rs 1,499 price tag.

Abhiman Biswas

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