The OPPO Watch is the perfect blend of style, fitness and function. Here’s why it can be your ultimate companion

OPPO, a leading manufacturer of smartphones and smart devices, recently expanded its product line-up in India with the launch of two revolutionary new devices. The first product – the OPPO Reno4 Pro – has already taken the smartphone industry by storm and has earned great reviews from tech enthusiasts and consumers as well.

Taking the style quotient a couple of notches higher, the other product which we will be talking about in detail in this article, is a path-breaking new smartwatch from the company. The OPPO Watch series has not only changed the way one looks at smartwatches – but also takes a quantum leap in terms of the technology used and the amazing features it offers. Thanks to its long list of class-leading features and the fantastic price, the OPPO Watch is all set to make history in the Indian wearables domain.

In this article, we take a look at several features that make the OPPO Watch (46mm) a must-buy for all the consumers out there.

Industry-first smartwatch with AMOLED dual-curved display

With a long list of firsts to its credit in the smart devices space, it did not come as a surprise to learn that the OPPO Watch 46mm is the first smartwatch to feature an AMOLED dual-curved display. Apart from endowing the OPPO Watch its gorgeous looks, this curved display ensures that you get smartphone-like quality on a screen this size.

The display on the OPPO Watch measures 1.91-inches across and has a resolution of 402 x 476 pixels – thereby resulting in a pixel density of 326ppi. It boasts of a 72.76 percent screen-to-body ratio and covers 100 percent of the DCI-P3 colour gamut. With a peak brightness of 1,000 nits, the display is legible even in bright sunlight.

A 19-step polishing process ensures that there is no gap between the curved display and the SCHOTT Xensation 3D glass. Simply put, the OPPO Watch offers an unmatched display for its price.

Premium build, endless personalisation

The OPPO Watch uses a high-quality corrosion-resistant 6-series aluminium alloy. The 46mm variant of the OPPO Watch comes in two colour options – Black and Glossy Gold – both of them absolute head turners. The ergonomic design aspects of the OPPO Watch include its one-button strap removal option, making it easy to remove and replace straps to match your personality.

The OPPO Watch also gets comprehensive watch face features, including a style-matching AI watch face, which ensures that your watch face will always match your outfit on a particular day. All you need to do to enjoy this feature is to use your smartphone camera and click an image of your outfit and then use the HeyTap app to let the OPPO Watch do its magic!

Another feature that most people would love to use is the memories album watch face option that lets you keep a memorable photo as the watch face. For fitness enthusiasts, there’s the daily activity watch face which displays steps taken, workout time, and calories burned in real time.

Intelligent Dual-Chip endurance system

The heart of any gadget today is its processor. In the case of the OPPO Watch, there are two separate processors to handle the various tasks you throw at it. For the more demanding apps, there is the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 SoC. When all you need is efficiency and good battery life, the Ambiq Apollo3 MCU takes over and handles the less intrusive tasks.

This is precisely why the OPPO Watch comes with two dedicated modes: Smart Mode and Power Saver mode. When in smart mode, the OPPO Watch intelligently switches between the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 chip and the Ambiq Apollo3 MCU for optimum performance at all times. When you enter the power saver mode, the watch dedicates all resources to let the essential functions work normally while switching off other resource-hungry apps. This ensures optimum battery life under all conditions.

To enter the Power Saver mode manually, all you need to do is press and hold the multi-function button for 2 seconds. OPPO Watch will also prompt you to enter this mode when it reaches 20 percent battery. There is no denying that the Dual-Chip endurance system sets the OPPO Watch apart from other smartwatches in the market.

Superfast charging, now on OPPO Watch

With OPPO’s expertise with fast charging technology, it comes as no surprise that the OPPO Watch features the amazing Watch VOOC fast charging technology. With this feature, you can charge the 430mAh battery on the OPPO Watch fully in just 75 minutes. In fact, even a 15-minute charge is good enough to charge the OPPO Watch to 46 percent – more than enough for a day’s worth of use.

Simply put, with the OPPO Watch, you will never have to worry about poor battery life. In the rare instance of you running out of charge, the Watch VOOC technology will always be there to get things back on track in a jiffy!

Lifesaving features for a healthy lifestyle

With the OPPO Watch, you can ensure your heart receives the constant attention and care it deserves. It comes with a comprehensive set of features dedicated to your heart that gives it the ability to continually keep track of your heart rate.

With an ECG sensor inbuilt, the OPPO Watch can also detect an irregular, potentially abnormal heartbeat and alert you well in advance. Then there are the excellent sleep tracking and sleep management features suite that keep an eye on the length and quality of your sleep. In fact, the OPPO Watch can even generate a sleep report for you every morning so that you can evaluate and track the quality of sleep you get.

A personal trainer on your wrist

Since the OPPO Watch (46mm) is also water resistant up to a depth of 50m, it is capable of doing things far beyond what is offered by a regular smartwatch. For example, it can take up the role of a personal coach and comes with its own set of workout modes: Fitness Run, Fat Burn Run, Outdoor Walk, Outdoor Cycling, and Swimming Workout Mode to prevent the water from activating the touchscreen. This is apart from the 90+ trackable workouts on offer from Google Fit.

Then there is the short 5-minute Workouts app that lets you make the most of your time – even on a busy day – and ensures you can stagger your workout across an entire day. The OPPO Watch also keeps track of your daily activity and can generate a report by the end of the day. The OPPO Watch runs WearOS by Google and gets a custom user interface that is derived from OPPO’s ColorOS.

Wrapping up

In India, the OPPO Watch comes in two versions: a 41mm variant priced at Rs 14,990 and a 46mm variant that comes at an amazing price of Rs 19,990. The OPPO Watch is already on sale and is available on and Flipkart which exciting offers. These include an additional one-year extended warranty if purchased on the first three days of the sale i.e. from August 10th to August 12th.

The OPPO Watch is one of the most significant launches in the Indian smart wearables segment. Thanks to the sheer number of features it comes with, the product is all set to become the benchmark for all future smartwatches. And with its enticing price taken into consideration, we think it’s worthy of a 5-star rating. This one is a must buy for sure.