Our Journey Of A 1000 Miles #500Strong

On: May 14, 2013


Our journey of a 1000 miles has probably just begun, but there is so much we have already seen. It feels like a completely different era when we started working on the idea of PriceBaba. Yet, even today we feel just the same, just as determined to empower shoppers and we still walk that fine line between fear and courage, everyday!

Each day on the job we learn new things, mostly from our users and customers. However as we strive to build a great company, we learn from the experience of our mentors & investors. Looking back over the past one year, perhaps the best decision we took was to accept investment from some amazing entrepreneurs. Under their guidance we have grown over 10x in the past few months and continue to grow strong.

Today, we are a team stronger than every before and our challenges are even greater. We are happy to welcome onboard a new set of partners who add tremendous value to PriceBaba and open up a new realm for us. Pankaj Jain, Paul Singh, Dave McClure, Christine Tsai and the team over at 500 Startups!

When meeting Paul and Dave during their respective India trips, we were pleasantly surprised by their way of doing business. They understand business & angel investing and at the same time openly admit things that they do not know — i.e. no bullshitting. We couldn’t resist following the Geeks On A Plane to Silicon Valley. As a result, we are a part of 500Startups’ business accelerator In Mountain View, California.

We look forward to share our learnings with you on the ecosystem here, while fanatically growing our operations back In India. Stay Tuned!


Team Baba


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