Panasonic launches washing machine range with built-in heaters, prices start from Rs 8,790

Panasonic has launched a new range of washing machines with a built-in heater and 2-Way Washing technology. The top-load semi-automatic machines sport capacities ranging from 8kg and 14kg. The top-load fully automatic washing machines have been announced with a capacity between 6.2kg and 8kg. Furthermore, the front-load fully-automatic offerings feature capacity between 6kg and 8kg. A total of 22 machines have been launched, out of which 13 are fully-automatic and 9 are semi-automatic.

Harshal Soman, Head of Home Appliance Business at Panasonic India commented, “We at Panasonic understand the evolving needs of our consumers and to cater to the growing preference of online purchases, we are extending our home appliances range; starting with washing machines on Amazon.”

Panasonic washing machines: specifications and features


A total of 22 washing machines have been launched by Panasonic

All the models in the new range feature the StainMaster+ function that helps wash programs deal with stains. The 2-Way Wash technology and built-in heater further control the temperature. The offerings are also energy and water-efficient, says Panasonic. The Aqua Spin Rinse function claims to save up to 28 percent water, while Econavi technology determines the washload thereby saving water and energy accordingly. The Active Foam System assists by gently washing designer and embroidered garments.

Additionally, this range by Panasonic sports a White Course Feature that combines hot and cold wash to clean white clothes. The front-load fully-automatic offerings house extra features like Intensive Wash, Hot Air Dry, Brisk Wash that provides quick wash cycles, Pause and Add function, Aqua Fresh Wash with three types of waterflow, and Pre Wash. The top-load fully-automatic machines play host to Gentle Handwash and Eco AquaBeat features, while the semi-automatic models are equipped with Air Dry, Auto Restart and Aqua Shower Rinse.

Panasonic washing machines: price and availability

All the models of this new Panasonic range of washing machines are available at Amazon for buying. The machines start at a price of Rs 8,790 and go up to Rs 42,999.

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