Panasonic Launches Ultra HD 4K TVs In India

On: October 20, 2016

Panasonic India announced a new range of 4K television sets with DX700 and DX650 series. In this series, the screen size varies from 40-inch to 65-inch. The company claims these TV sets to be rich with highly advanced features such as ultra HD resolution and unparalleled picture quality.


These TVs are equipped with Chroma Drive Plus, and IPS LED display panel with rich colours and better contrast. With this lineup, Panasonic aims to expand its TV lineup and capture 10% of market share in the television category.

The DX 700 series is available in 65-inch and comes with Studio Master HCX processor and is priced at Rs 3,10,000. It has built-in wireless LAN, 4 HDMI Terminals, 3 USB ports and is Bluetooth compatible. It also comes with touchpad remote and supports TV remote app as well.

The DX 650 series is available in 55, 49 and 40 inches. The starting range of this series is Rs 74,900 and is equipped with IPS LED 4K display which provides wide viewing angle.

Both the series runs on Firefox OS and features multi noise reduction, 3D, 4K media player, HDMI ports, USB terminals and TV remote app.


Series Display Size Price
DX 700 Series 65-inch Rs 3,10,000
DX 650 Series 55-inch Rs 1,68,900
DX 650 Series 49-inch Rs 1,14,900
DX 650 Series 40-inch Rs 74,900


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