Panasonic Unveils 2024 Air Conditioner Line-Up with Matter-Enabled Models

Panasonic Life Solutions India has unveiled its highly anticipated 2024 lineup of Air Conditioners, introducing a total of 60 new models to cater to the escalating demand for cooling appliances. The spotlight of this innovative release is on India’s first Matter-enabled Room Air Conditioners (RACs), a groundbreaking advancement powered by Panasonic’s Miraie platform.

Responding to a comprehensive consumer study titled ‘Panasonic’s 2024 Young Parents Everyday Life Concerns,’ Mr. Fumiyasu Fujimori, Managing Director of PMIN, Panasonic Life Solutions India, highlighted the multifaceted considerations consumers have regarding air conditioning. Beyond basic cooling, the study revealed a growing emphasis on indoor air hygiene, energy efficiency, and technological integration.

The newly introduced Air Conditioners equipped with Matter protocol are available in 1.0, 1.5, and 2.0-ton models, promising inter-operability, simplicity, reliability, and security. Mr. Abhishek Verma, Business Head of Air Conditioners Group, PMIN, PLSIND, emphasized that this integration allows seamless connectivity with other Matter-certified devices and platforms, optimizing comfort while minimizing environmental impact.

Panasonic’s commitment to innovation extends to technologies like Jetstream, Converti7, Aerowings, and 4-Way Inflow, ensuring superior cooling performance. The nanoe™X and nanoe™G technologies contribute to healthy indoor air quality by eliminating particulate matter, dust particles, bacteria, and viruses.

Quality and reliability are maintained through features like inverter technology, ECOTOUGH, ShieldBlu+, ECONAVI for energy optimization, AG Clean+, and Crystal Clean. The introduction of Matter protocol aligns with Panasonic’s ‘Make in India’ commitment, manufacturing all ACs at their Technopark plant in Haryana.

As the demand for smart living solutions continues to rise, Panasonic’s 2024 Air Conditioner lineup emerges as a technological leap, providing consumers with a connected, efficient, and innovative cooling experience.

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