Patent hints the next iPhone may be Dual SIM

Apple has an event scheduled for September 7th and the company is expected to launch the new iPhone. The iPhone 7 has already been in the limelight with its fair share of leaks and speculations. No 3.5mm headphone jack, headphones with a lightning port adapter, 256GB version, these are among some of the rumors going around. Another rumor that raised a few eyebrows were of the new iPhones being Dual SIM.


CNET had posted about the new iPhone being Dual SIM and more recently TechPP had posted the same with reference to a patent Apple had filed in Jan 2016. The patent outlines the working of a device which is Dual SIM Dual Active (DSDA) meaning there would be two antennas and both the SIMs will be online.

TechPP also mentioned the 9th Claim in the patent which stated

9. The UE of claim 1, wherein one or more of the at least two SIMs is an embedded SIM.

indicating the device to have an embedded SIM in place. An embedded SIM or e-SIM will replace the SIM cards we use today. These are chips that come preinstalled in the phone which can later be configured to work with carriers. This patent hints that the upcoming iPhone 7 may be a Dual SIM device with an e-SIM.

Further, the patent also mentions that the e-SIM would be the primary SIM while the slot will be available for a home SIM.

19. The apparatus of claim 16, wherein the first SIM is an eSIM and wherein the second SIM is a home SIM.

While we can still use our existing SIM cards, the e-SIM gives users the flexibility of using two different numbers on the phone. We will have to wait for the Apple event to see what they have in store for us.

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