You Can Now Pause Instagram Notifications With New Quiet Mode


  • Instagram announces new quiet mode.
  • Quiet Mode turns off notifications on Instagram.
  • It can send an auto-reply when someone sends you a DM.

Meta has announced via a blog post the new Quiet Mode feature for Instagram. It lets you pause notifications whenever you want to take a break from the app.

With Quiet Mode, Instagram also allows you to set auto replies for DMs you receive when Quiet Mode is turned on.

When turned on, Instagram will display “In quiet mode” on your profile, just below your name, so your followers and friends know you aren’t available to receive the DMs.

Meta also announced that it would prompt teen users to toggle Quiet Mode when they spend more time on the app late at night. Meta did not specify how much time users spend in the app to see this prompt.

You can also set Quiet Mode automatically for specific time periods.

Quiet Mode is already available for users in the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. It will be available in India and more countries soon.

Block Multiple Content From Explore Tab

If you have been annoyed at the recommendations on your Explore tab, Instagram has a solution. Meta has announced that users will now have the option to block multiple pieces of content from the Explore tab that They don’t like. It will help future recommendations as well. You can long-press the posts you want to hide and select the hide button.

Hide posts with specific words

You can now hide posts having specific words. Instagram already have a feature that lets you auto-hide comments and DMs containing specific words; this is now expanding to posts. If you select a post to hide from the feed, select the “Don’t suggest posts with certain words” option and add the words, phrases or emojis to the Block list.