Paytm Cricket League: collect all 24 cards and win rewards up to Rs 10,000

Paytm Cricket League is the latest addition to the growing list of IPL 2021-centric contests and offers. From the likes of Amazon, Flipkart, Google to Dominos and telecom operators, every major player has joined the list of companies offering rewards and discounts with a cricket theme. Paytm, which is known for such offers, does not want to left behind either.

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In many ways, Paytm Cricket League can be seen as Paytm’s answer to Gully Cricket offer from Google Pay. The idea here remains the same as Paytm’s Holi Bash offer. The participants need to collect different kinds of cards and they will then become eligible for various offers and rewards. The more cards you collect, the better offers you will earn in the process. Without further ado, here is everything you need to know.

Paytm Cricket League: what is it?

The IPL 2021 season officially started on April 9th and we have seen all the players jump on the cricket bandwagon. Google Pay has Gully Cricket Offer, Flipkart has Power Play With Champions video contest while Amazon has its own Guess and Win quiz. Paytm is going with its tried and tested “collect and win” formula. The central idea of Paytm Cricket League is that you need to collect different cards and then become eligible for rewards/offers.

There are a total of 24 cards to collect in Paytm Cricket League and these cards are classified under six different categories. These categories are called What a shot, Howzzat, Milestones, T20 Trivia, Umpire’s Call and Fielding Fury. Each of these category has four different cards. You can collect these cards by engaging in an activity associated with that card. Or you request your friends to send you that card.

In case you have more than one card of a particular category, you can gift the same to your friends. One of the cards is called Super Century, which is part of Milestones category and can be collected by checking in seven times on this card. It will shown at the top of the game page. With these basics out of the way, let’s take a look at the categories and cards you can collect in each of these categories.

Paytm Cricket League: list of all the categories and cards to collect

As mentioned above, Paytm Cricket League has a total of 24 cards to collect and each of them get classified under 6 different categories. Here is a look at these categories and the cards they contain:

What a Shot

  • Upper Cut
  • Helicopter Shot
  • Switch Hit
  • Paddle Scoop


  • Hatrick
  • Yorker
  • Doosra
  • Bouncer


  • Fierce Fifty
  • Super Century
  • Five Wicket Haul
  • Golden Duck

T20 Trivia

  • Dugout
  • Power Play
  • Super Over
  • Out of the Park

Umpire’s Call

  • Timeout
  • Reverse Decision
  • DRS
  • Free Hit

Fielding Fury

  • Blinder
  • Direct Hit
  • Sitter
  • Butter fingers

Paytm Cricket League: how to collect all the cards?

On your Paytm Cricket League section within the app, you will see an option labelled as “Collect” below the six categories for the cards. Click on collect to start collecting your cards. You can win Upper Cut Card simply by recharging any mobile number. To get Helicopter Shot card, all you need to do is pay any of the utility bill supported by Paytm. You can also win Switch Hit card with utility bill payment.

When you recharge DTH, you will win Paddle Scoop card while checking in on Super Century card for seven times will get you that card. Other listed activities include sending money from bank, shopping on your favourite apps, purchasing a Google Play Recharge code, sending money from Paytm wallet or paying at nearby shops. These activities will help you win cards from categories such as Howzzat or Five Wicket Haul card or Golden Duck card or T20 Trivia cards or Timeout card.

There is also a DRS card available to win when you shop on third-party apps using Paytm. When you gift an extra card, you will win Free Hit card. Adding money to your wallet will make you eligible for Blinder card while booking movie ticket will get you the Sitter card. The bottomline is that you need to spend money or make purchases or transactions to earn cards, which in turn will make you eligible for various offers.

Paytm Cricket League: how to play?

  • Download Paytm app from Google Play Store or App Store.
  • Sign in with your mobile number or sign up for a new account.
  • Scroll down on the homepage of the app to find “Cashback & Offers”.
  • Now, you will see “Paytm Cricket League” banner.
  • Click on the banner to enter the contest.

Paytm Cricket League: offers and rewards

  • Levi’s Voucher: Collect Milestones cards and win Levi’s voucher
  • Direct Hit Card: Collect any 12 unique cards and win Direct Hit Card
  • Scratch Card: Collect all 24 cards and win scratch card worth up to Rs 10,000
  • Win up to Rs 1,000: Collect What a Shot cards and win up to Rs 1,000
  • Paytm First Voucher: Collect HOWZZAT cards and win Paytm First voucher
  • Movie voucher: Collect T20 Trivia cards and win movie voucher
  • Myntra voucher: Collect Umpire’s Call cards and win Myntra voucher
  • Hungama Play voucher: Collect Fielding Fury cards and win Hungama Play voucher

Paytm Cricket League: rules, terms and conditions

  1. Each participant will be awarded with a “Fierce Fifty” card for entering the game.
  2. Every participant will see a list of “Paytm Cricket League” cards upon entering the contest.
  3. The participant needs to complete various activities to collect all the 24 cards.
  4. The participant can also gift an extra card to anyone and win a surprise card in return.
  5. The participant can gift a card to anyone in case they have more than one card belonging to a particular category.
  6. The receiver will receive the card only if they don’t have that gifted card.
  7. The participant can earn a maximum of two scratch cards per day when their friends claim the gift card.
  8. A gift card can be given only three times per receiver in order to receive a surprise gift.
  9. Paytm reserves the right to withdraw and or alter ant terms and conditions of this offer or contest at any time without prior notice.
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