Petrol price in India today [June 27th]: petrol rate in major cities, state-wise VAT and other taxes list

27thPetrol prices in India have touched a record high lately with cities like Bhopal and Mumbai crossing the Rs 100 mark for the first time ever in history. Moreover, the Sri Ganganagar district of Rajasthan has become the first to touch the Rs 100 mark for both petrol and diesel. The prices of fuel vary from state to state thus resulting in different prices for different regions.

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To illustrate, every state has its own rate of value-added tax (VAT) and transportation charges. For example, Rajasthan levies the highest VAT in India followed by Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. The fuel price includes taxes levied by both the central and state government, which make for up to 60 percent of the petrol price. Since the pricing keeps changing, here we will update the fuel pricing in major cities across the country on a daily basis.

Petrol price in India today in metro cities [June 27th]

Petrol prices in India changes every day at 6am

Petrol prices in India change every day at 6am

In the past, petrol prices were revised every fortnight, which means the prices would change on the first of every month and then on the 16th of the month. However, starting June 15th, 2017, the petrol prices are being revised daily at 6am. Below are today’s petrol prices in four major metro cities of Indi

Metro City
Petrol Price (per litre)
New DelhiRs 98.46
MumbaiRs 104.56
KolkataRs 98.30
ChennaiRs 99.49

Petrol price in India today in all major cities [June 27th]

As mentioned before, different states have varying VAT applicable on the petrol prices and thus the rate differs from state to state. Below are the prices of petrol in all major cities across the country.

Petrol Price (per litre)
AhmedabadRs 95.32
BangaloreRs 101.75
BhopalRs 106.71
BhubaneswarRs 99.24
ChandigarhRs 94.69
DehradunRs 95.49
HyderabadRs 102.32
JaipurRs 105.18
LucknowRs 95.63
PanajiRs 96.42
PatnaRs 100.47
RaipurRs 96.57
RanchiRs 94.08
ShimlaRs 95.85
SrinagarRs 101.44
TrivandrumRs 100.09

Petrol price tax breakup: how much tax are you paying to central and state governments?

You must be wondering by now that why petrol prices vary from state to state. This is because of the VAT levied by various states on the price of petrol. There are two important factors that determine the petrol price in India – VAT and Excise Duty. However, before anything else, the crude oil is obtained by oil marketing companies (Rs 32.39 per litre as of June 1st, 2021) and processed into petrol. A small surcharge (Rs 3.6) is levied by OMC for the processing and logistics, which takes the price of petrol ready to be sent to petrol pumps to Rs 35.99 per litre (Rs 32.39 + Rs 3.6).

Petrol price tax breakup: central government taxes

The central government taxes on the petrol price include the excise duty and road cess. Additionally, the commission to the petrol pump dealers is also added to the tax bracket at the central government level. The government charges Rs 32.9 per litre as excise duty and Rs 3.79 per litre as dealer commission over Rs 35.99 per litre charged by the OMC. This takes the cost of petrol before VAT to Rs 72.68 per litre ( Rs 35.99 + Rs 32.9 + Rs 3.79).

Basic OMC cost calculationPetrol price calculation
Crude OilRs 32.39 per litre (as of June 1st,2021)
Refinery processing + refinery margins + OMC margin + freight cost, logisticsRs 3.6 per litre
Fuel price after processing (ready to be sent to petrol pump)Rs 35.99 per litre
Central government taxes and dealer commission
Excise duty + road cess as charged by the central governmentRs 32.9 per litre
Commission to petrol pump dealersRs 3.79 per litre
Petrol cost before VAT
Cost as of June 1st, 2021Rs 72.68 per litre

Petrol price tax breakup: state government taxes

As you can see in the table above, the state governments receive the fuel at Rs 72.68 per litre from the central government. They further levy VAT, sales tax, and road cess as per their policy to determine the final retail price of petrol.

VAT calculationPrice of Petrol
Additional: VAT /sales tax determined by the state government
X/100 * Rs 72.68 (where X is the percentage of VAT/sales tax levied by the state)
Final retail priceRs 72.68 + VAT/sales tax

State-wise list of VAT/sales tax

In India, states like Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Manipur have the highest VAT applicable on the petrol price. Whereas, places like Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Meghalaya, and Tamil Nadu have the lowest rate. Here’s the full list of state-wise VAT/sales tax on petrol.

StateSales tax/VAT on petrol
Andaman & Nicobar Islands6%
Andhra Pradesh31% VAT + Rs 4/litre VAT+Rs 1/litre Road Development Cess and Vat thereon
Arunachal Pradesh20.%
Assam32.66% or Rs 22.63/litre, whichever is higher
Bihar26% or Rs 16.65/litre whichever is higher (30% Surcharge on VAT as irrecoverable tax)
ChandigarhRs.10/KL cess + 22.45% or Rs 12.58/litre whichever is higher
Chhattisgarh25% VAT + Rs 2/litre VAT
Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu20% VAT
Delhi30% VAT
Goa27% VAT + 0.5% Green cess
Gujarat20.1% VAT+ 4% Cess on Town Rate & VAT
Haryana25% or Rs 15.62/litre whichever is higher as VAT+5% additional tax on VAT
Himachal Pradesh25% or Rs 15.50/litre- whichever is higher
Jammu & Kashmir24% MST+ Rs 5/litre employment cess, Reduction of Rs 0.50/litre
Jharkhand22% on the sale price or Rs 17 per litre, whichever is higher + Cess of Rs 1.00 per Litre
Karnataka35% sales tax
Kerala30.08% sales tax+ Rs 1/litre additional sales tax + 1% cess
Ladakh24% MST+ Rs 5/litre employment cess, Reduction of Rs 2.5/litre
Madhya Pradesh33 % VAT + Rs 4.5/litre VAT+1%Cess
Maharashtra – Mumbai, Thane & Navi Mumbai26% VAT+ Rs 10.12/litre additional tax
Maharashtra (Rest of State)25% VAT+ Rs 10.12/litre additional tax
Manipur36.50% VAT
Meghalaya20% or Rs 15.00/litre- whichever is higher (Rs 0.10/litre pollution surcharge)
Mizoram25% VAT
Nagaland25% VAT or Rs.16.04/litre whichever is higher +5% surcharge + Rs 2.00/litre as road maintenance cess
Odisha32% VAT
Puducherry26% VAT
PunjabRs 2,050/KL (cess)+ Rs 0.10 per litre (Urban Transport Fund) + Rs .25 per litre (Special Infrastructure Development Fee)+24.79% VAT+10% additional tax on VAT
Rajasthan36% VAT+Rs 1,500/KL road development cess
Sikkim25.25% VAT+ Rs 3,000/KL cess
Tamil Nadu15% + Rs 13.02 per litre
Telangana35.20% VAT
Tripura25% VAT+ 3% Tripura Road Development Cess
Uttar Pradesh26.80% or Rs 18.74/litre whichever is higher
Uttarakhand25% or Rs 19/litre whichever is greater
West Bengal25% or Rs 13.12/litre whichever is higher as sales tax+ Rs 1,000/KL cess- Rs 17/KL exemption – Rs 1,000/KL sales tax rebate (20% Additional tax on VAT as irrecoverable tax)

(As per details provided by OMCs)

How to know petrol price in India today by SMS

How to know petrol price in your city through SMS

How to know petrol price in your city through SMS

As mentioned before, petrol prices in India are revised daily at 6am. You can find out the petrol price in your city conveniently by sending an SMS. Below are the steps to do so.

  1. Open Messaging app on your phone
  2. Type RSP <city code>
  3. Send the SMS to 92249 92249

For easy reference, below are the city codes of major cities in India for petrol price, including four major metros.

Petrol Price SMS Code
New DelhiRSP 102072
KolkataRSP 119941
MumbaiRSP 108412
ChennaiRSP 133593
FaridabadRSP 102287
GurgaonRSP 102082
NoidaRSP 155444
GhaziabadRSP 154410
AgartalaRSP 159850
AizwalRSP 160181
AmbalaRSP 102049
BangaloreRSP 118219
BhopalRSP 169398
BhubhaneswarRSP 124305
ChandigarhRSP 102790
DehradunRSP 161143
GandhinagarRSP 218671
GangtokRSP 159289
GuwahatiRSP 159571
HyderabadRSP 134483
ImphalRSP 159875
ItanagarRSP 160647
JaipurRSP 123143
JammuRSP 108726
JalandharRSP 108743
KohimaRSP 160154
LucknowRSP 155054
PanjimRSP 125676
PatnaRSP 166873
PondicherryRSP 135299
Port BlairRSP 220191
RaipurRSP 169751
RanchiRSP 166751
ShillongRSP 159828
ShimlaRSP 109295
SrinagarRSP 109536
TrivandrumRSP 124923
SilvasaRSP 112114
DamanRSP 177747
VijayawadaRSP 127611
VisakhapatnamRSP 127290
LehRSP 194259
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