Photography, Design, and Performance: Flawless is what defines the OPPO Reno11 Pro 5G

The Indian smartphone market is now home to a new beast in the form of the Reno11 Series. It is pertinent to note that the Reno11 Series showcases proprietary technologies such as the HyperTone Image Engine, BHE, SUPERVOOCTM, and ColorOS. The Series is proof that software innovation can drive hardware to its maximum potential.

Equipped with an exquisite design, the Reno11 Pro 5G has highly advanced photography features and is priced at INR 39,999. The device goes on sale from Jan 18th across Flipkart, OPPO E-stores, and mainline retailers. But how does the device hold up in the real world? We’re going to give you our first impressions of the device.

Design marvel – You won’t stop looking at this phone!

A phone’s looks and feel are major contributors to the user experience and we’re happy to share that the OPPO Reno11 Pro 5G excels in this domain. When we took it out of the box, we were immediately charmed by the sleek design. The phone weighs just 181 grams and the variant we received (Pearl White) measures just 7.66mm in thickness. The 3D curved glass front surface gives the phone a unique appeal while creating a glimmering dazzle on the back. The rear surface of the Pearl White variant benefits from a triple-layered glass design that’s equipped with a unique satin frosted finish. This gives it a gentle appearance and keeps it free from smudges and fingerprints. The rear surface of the device also holds the Sunshine Ring camera enclosure that gives it a distinct vibe and is eye-catching.

There’s even a Rock Grey variant, which exhibits a more classical appeal with its bright and soft silver-grey glint. With its featherweight 181gm body and 7.59mm thin spine, this phone is easy to hold and carry around. Elegance and comfort are what define the Reno11 Pro 5G’s design.

Stunning photography – Capture moments exactly how you intend to remember them!

OPPO’s smartphones have always impressed with their cameras and the Reno11 Pro 5G is no different. It has introduced a completely new camera technology called the Ultra-Clear Portrait Camera System that’s paired with a fresh Portrait Expert Engine. We’ll talk about them later but first, let us find out more about the hardware at the heart of this apparatus. The main camera is the cutting-edge 50MP Sony IMX890 sensor, which is 1/1.56” in size with an f/1.8 aperture lens. This OIS-equipped shooter excels at rendering detail-rich photos in all kinds of lighting.

With OPPO’s proprietary HyperTone Imaging Engine, the photos look washed and replete with details and depth. The Hypertone Imaging Engine achieves this by merging multiple uncompressed RAW images with AI-powered denoise and demosaic processing. This significantly enhanced the overall image clarity, dynamic range, and color richness.

Portrait photo with 1X Zoom

The Reno11 Pro 5G has a 32MP telephoto camera with a Sony IMX709 sensor. This camera provides a 47mm equivalent focal length and 2x optical zoom. Using its in-sensor zoom tech, this camera can also take you 5x closer to the subject. Whether it’s zoomed-in shots or portraits, the quality of the photographs is always excellent.

The third camera onboard the Reno11 Pro 5G is an 8MP ultra-wide snapper equipped with the Sony IMX355 sensor. Its 16mm focal length allows one to capture beautiful ultra-wide shots that are well worthy of upping your social media game.

But the real kicker in this OPPO phone’s repertoire is its Ultra-Clear Portrait Camera System. It’s a game-changer when it comes to portrait photography.

The main component of the Ultra-Clear Portrait Camera System is the Portrait Expert Engine, which combines technology and aesthetic sense. Its four-fold approach starts with facial recognition and subject/scene separation and moves on to the preservation of skin color and facial features. It then uses various algorithms to upgrade the clarity of the scene and add stereoscopic light and shade effects, before completing the job by optimizing the background and fusing the subject/scene. All the portraits that we captured using the Reno11 Pro 5G’s camera baffled us with their clarity and professional look.

To gain access to these portraits, you need to enter the Pro-Grade Portrait Mode, which lets you choose between two optical points and apertures.      

For selfies, the OPPO Reno11 Pro 5G relies on a 32MP Sony IMX709 camera that’s aided by an AI Portrait Retouching feature. This technology finetunes your selfies and enhances your natural beauty with key optimizations. The results are highly detailed self-portraits that look like they’ve been captured using professional cameras.

The Reno11 Pro 5G also has great video capabilities. Both its front and rear cameras capture steady 4K 30fps videos that are ideal for content creators. We are truly impressed with the overall camera package of this new OPPO device.

Glorious display – Your window to the multimedia content never looked better!

An expansive 6.7-inch curved AMOLED screen sits on the front of the handset, occupying a whopping 93 percent of the area. We were astonished by this panel with its almost non-existent bezels that blend into the gentle curves on the sides to create a seamless canvas. The AMOLED brilliance does the rest by rendering rich colors with the support of a 10-bit display. The dynamic 120Hz refresh rate is also a huge plus, as it makes sure that the transitions, scrolling, and animations go much easier on your eyes. While using the phone, we found the animations to be zippy and the entire display experience felt extremely smooth.

The display comes with HDR10+ certification and a breathtaking 950 nits of brightness. To test this factor, we streamed a few TV shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video and were astonished at how full of detail, depth, and dynamic tones their visuals were.

Thumping performance and solid battery life

Folks buying the OPPO Reno11 Pro 5G will get a MediaTek Dimensity 8200 chipset with cutting-edge 4nm SoC that’s capable of handling the most demanding of tasks with utmost ease. If you’re a gamer, expect flawless performance in the most high-end of games.

On the battery aspect, Reno11 Pro 5G has been blessed with a 4,600mAh power pack that consistently provided us with all-day power and despite heavy usage, the phone still had plenty of juice left in. To extend the lifetime of the device, OPPO has granted it the Battery Health Engine and the device supports 80W SUPERVOOCTM Flash Charging, which can take its battery from 0 to 24 percent in just 5 minutes. These are incredible speeds that are unmatched by competition.

And there’s much more to the internal setup of this phone than just that. It has been granted the LinkBoost technology that delivers 73 percent faster transmission power and 17 percent stronger signal. During our limited time with the phone, we experienced top-notch call quality and did not see any call drops.

OPPO has even granted the device an IR blaster. This is an underrated feature as it’s like having a backup remote for everything from your TV to your air conditioner. Even if you don’t use this feature every day, it’s incredibly useful.

Magic of ColorOS 14 – Smarter than ever!

A big part of the Reno11 Pro 5G’s user experience is its software interface. ColorOS 14 maintains a fine balance between beauty and utility. We are in love with its new features – File Dock. It is an easily accessible cabinet of sorts, through which we could store stuff that we might need in another app. You can then open that app and grab the content by sliding open the File Dock again. This smart sidebar was extremely easy to access and worked as smoothly as we expected it to.

ColorOS 14


Smart Touch is another ColorOS 14 addition that’s worth mentioning. We’ve all been in situations where we wish to copy text but it turns out that the particular text is on an image rather than a document. Smart Touch converts this unselectable text and lets you easily paste it elsewhere or store it in File Dock for later access.

The Smart Image Matting tool from ColorOS 14 lets you long-press on an image to turn it into a transparent PNG. This is ideal for creating cutouts of your face or for making stellar artwork.

Lastly, ColorOS 14 is home to the Trinity Engine (ROM + RAM + CPU Vitalisation) that’s aimed at keeping your device fast and smooth and allowing its storage to go the distance and give seamless performance in our day-to-day usage.

Verdict – Reno11 Pro 5G seems like a no-brainer!

Our initial usage of the OPPO Reno11 Pro 5G has left us thoroughly impressed, as the smartphone seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology with an appealing design. The Ultra-Clear Portrait Camera System stands out as a flagship feature, capturing moments with stunning clarity and precision.

In summary, the OPPO Reno11 Pro 5G has left an indelible mark with its impressive camera capabilities, distinctive design, and outstanding overall performance, making it a standout choice in the competitive smartphone market.

Priced at INR 39,999 the device comes with exciting offers and goes on sale from Jan 18th. Check out the device today as it is available for preorder across Flipkart, OPPO E-stores, and mainline retail outlets.