The Pixel 2’s Portrait Selfie Now Available For Older Phones

Google launched the Pixel 2 series a couple of months back. Both the phones went against the dual-camera trend but still managed to click portrait pictures from the rear and front cameras. Thanks to Google that managed to pull this off based just on software. This also enables the search giant to bring Pixel 2’s camera capabilities to the first generation Pixel devices, Nexus phones and even other flagship devices from 2015.

This development was made by XDA senior member who goes by the name of Charles_l. Charles initially made the ported camera app available on his website following which he made the app openly available. The app is dubbed as Camera NX and is currently in version 7.3. Since the enhanced camera capabilities present on the Pixel 2 devices are made possible because of the top-notch processor that backs the software The ported app is expected to be pretty resource-intensive on the older devices. This could cause the phones to lag during the app’s use.

Portrait mode essentially blurs the background highlighting the person in the image. It makes the object to pop out of the image by reducing the focus on the background, giving it a DSLR-like feel. Other flagship smartphones such as the OnePlus 5T, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone X take benefit of an extra camera sensor to achieve this same effect.

The Camera NX app is not perfect though and cannot completely replicate the original camera app that ships with the latest Pixel devices. However, if you are looking to make the most of your old Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P or first generation Pixel devices, this seems like a good idea.

Image Credits: XDA- Developers

Following this development, another XDA senior member who goes by the name of Arnova8G2 has gone a step forward and has tried to port the camera to non-Google smartphones as well. Arnova has managed to improve on the Camera NX app and ported the portrait mode to the OnePlus 3.

If you are someone who is looking to experiment and get a hands on the new portrait mode selfie feature, you can find it here. Do let us know about your experience, we’d love to hear about it.


Via: XDA-Developers