Pixel 6a tipped to receive 5G support software update in India by December


  • Pixel 6a is expected to receive a 5G support update in India by December
  • The update is also said to bring some Pixel 7 series features to older devices
  • Google has not yet officially revealed anything about the future Pixel 6a updates

Google Pixel 6a will reportedly receive 5G connectivity in India by December. Tipster Yogesh Brar said that the search engine giant will roll out a feature update on the mid-range smartphone by December that will enable the latest generation cellular network. 

The Pixel 6a debuted in July this year and it is already a 5G-compatible device. The 5G network was launched in India on October 1st. Telecom giant Reliance Jio is expected to roll out the network later this month whereas Airtel is already offering the connectivity in some parts of eight cities across India.

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Pixel 6a tipped to receive 5G support update in India by December

Google Pixel 6a

Google Pixel 6a

Many OEMs have launched 5G-compatible devices in the last two years. However, this doesn’t mean smartphones can support 5G networks out of the box. Brands are required to release software updates in order to make the device compatible with 5G networks. Notably, users don’t have to change their 4G SIM cards to access the 5G network. 

Brar adds that the feature update for Pixel 6a which will drop by December will also bring some Pixel 7 series features to older Pixel handsets. However, the exact features remain to be seen. Additionally, Google is yet to announce the update timeline for the Pixel 6a. 

In other news, Paytm CEO Vijay Sharma tweeted that his Pixel 6a isn’t showing the 5G network option on Airtel SIM. He added that he has done all upgrades on the smartphone and later found that the device manufacturer is yet to release a 5G software update. 

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