Pixel 7 Pro Users Are Reporting Their Volume Buttons Falling Off

  • Google Pixel 7 Pro users on various platforms are reporting that their volume buttons are failing. 
  • Some say it fell off in weeks, while it took some months for some. 
  • Google has mentioned that “the team is aware of the issue.”


Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro were one of the best smartphones to launch last year. It was received well by popular critics and normal users for its impeccable cameras and great pricing. 

But lately, some issues have been cropping up for the device, such as a scroll stutter issue, no network issue, and more. Now, users are reporting a new issue: volume rockers are falling off! 

Some users reported that the button started falling off in a few weeks of use, while others mentioned it fell off after months of use. 

This issue was first pointed out by Nicholas Sutrich of Android Central, who had his Pixel 7 Pro’s volume button fall out and noticed a pattern. 


One user on Reddit mentioned he found the volume rocker missing went for a walk and took his phone out for a photo, he just had the phone for three days. Another one posted that it started falling off after weeks of use. One more user posted about this issue 3 months back, that his volume rocker fell out within 4 days. 

While another user on the Google Pixel Phone Help page mentioned he lost the volume buttons in a week of usage. 

Another Reddit user has reported that the volume button on his Pixel 7 Pro lost its clicky feel, but still works. 

Android Central reports that Google has responded to its queries about the issue it said “the team is aware of the issue”.