‘God of War’ series announced; Highly popular PlayStation game to be adapted as web series for Amazon Prime Video


  • The God of War series will revolve around an interesting concept with the aim of entertaining the audience
  • The team is planning on creating an expansive and immersive experience for the viewers
  • Official announcement regarding the release of the ‘God of War’ series is awaited

Amazon Prime Video, on December 14, 2022, announced that the popular PlayStation game, God of War, will be converted into a live-action series. This news surprised the fans, who took to social media to share their excitement about the news. The official announcement was made only regarding the making. However, details about the premiere, cast, team etc., are yet to be announced.

‘God of War’ Series: Official Announcement

Amazon Prime shared the official announcement of the show on Twitter with a message that read, “God of War is coming.”

Reports state that the show will soon be available on the OTT platform, and fans worldwide, where Amazon Prime Video is available, i.e., in more than 240 countries and territories, will be able to enjoy the show. Experts believe that the ‘God of War’ series will be a massive hit for the platform and will eventually become one of the highly anticipated series to be made based on a game.

‘God of War’ Series: Expected Plot

According to the details shared, the story will revolve around Kratos, the God of War, who resides in the Norse realm of Madrid, leaving behind his past in ancient Greece. His wife is dead, and to fulfil her wish, he embarks on a journey with Atreus, his estranged son. While he is focused on spreading her ashes from the highest peak, he faces monsters and new Gods of all kinds forcefully, which eventually pushes him to test the bond with his son.

Here’s the trailer for the PlayStation game – ‘God of War’

An interview published in the Deadline described the premise, which read, “The series follows Kratos, the God of War, who, after exiling himself from his blood-soaked past in ancient Greece, hangs up his weapons forever in the Norse realm of Midgard. When his beloved wife dies, Kratos sets off on a dangerous journey with his estranged son to spread her ashes from the highest peak—his wife’s final wish. Kratos soon realizes the journey is an epic quest in disguise, one which will test the bonds between father and son and force Kratos to battle new Gods and monsters for the fate of the world.”

It is being said that Rafe Judkins would be the showrunner for the series, and he has worked on popular projects like The Wheel of Time series, along with Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby.

‘God of War’ Series: Message from the Makers

Experts believe that the show will have compelling aspects which will entertain the audience and keep them hooked with the story. Moreover, if the makers focus on sketching the characters well, this franchise will attract audiences globally, eventually becoming expansive and immersive. A statement regarding the same was released by the Head of Global Television at Amazon Studio, Vernon Sanders, who added that efforts are being taken to ensure the storytelling is rich.

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Similar shows like ‘God of War’ Series

In the past, similar shows have served as exciting entertainment for the audience to watch, especially gamers who have been seen purchasing copies of the games in heavy numbers. Trade reports state that ‘God of War: Ragnarök’ had become the ‘fastest-selling first-party launch game’ in PlayStation history with a massive sale of 5.1 million copies in merely one week.

On the other hand, HBO, Paramount+, Netflix and other production/OTT houses have been known for making shows on game adaptations with releases like The Last of Us, Hali, Arcane and many others; it is certain that there is a large fanbase waiting for such shows to release. With this announcement, Amazon will also become a part of this universe once ‘God of Wars’ releases on Amazon Prime Vide0.