PlayStation Plus games December 2021: list of games, availability, and more

Sony has officially announced the list of Playstation Plus games for December 2021. These games are available for PlayStation Plus customers and include six games of varying genres and gaming styles. PlayStation players have been looking forward to the official announcement from Sony, and it finally delivered six new games for the December 2021 lineup.

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The lineup includes the games for both PS4 and PS5 gaming consoles with special emphasis on Godfall: Challenger Edition as well as the action-horror title Mortal Shell. PlayStation and Xbox have been butting heads for who can provide the best games with its subscription services. With Xbox integrating into EA Play, PlayStation Plus is slowly becoming the go-to place for gamers who want high-quality games with their subscriptions.

PlayStation Plus December 2021: availability and list of games

PlayStation Plus December

The PlayStation Plus free-to-play games for December 2021 include Mortal Shell, LEGO DC Super Villains, and Godfall: Challenger Edition. All three games will be available for free on December 7th, 2021, and the best part is these titles are not free trials but actual full-fledged video games. Additionally, to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the PS VR, Sony is offering three bonus PS VR titles – The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Standard Edition, The Persistence, and Until You Fall. These are some of the best survival horrors VR games

PS December 2021 free games

  1. Mortal Shell
  2. LEGO DC Super Villains
  3. Godfall: Challenger Edition

PS VR December 2021 games 

  1. The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Standard Edition
  2. The Persistence
  3. Until You Fall

PlayStation Plus December 2021: PS5 and PS4

Mortal Shell

Mortal Shell PS

Mortal Shell is a single-player action-RPG game that follows the story of The Foundling. The game tests your skills in the underworld where humanity has fallen to a dark pit, and the unborn are taking over the concepts of immortality. As The Foundling, your role is to survive in the fragments of a broken world and track down your true purpose.

LEGO DC Super Villains

LEGO DC Super Villains PS

LEGO DC Super Villains is a collective game featuring the villains from DC comics and movies. By taking out the protagonists from the game, LEGO DC Super Villains highlights the stories of DC’s villains, and players get to play them in an action-packed storyline. Like every LEGO game, the LEGO DC Super Villains also follows the open-world phenomenon joined by the characters of famous DC antagonists. These villains include Joker, Harley Quinn, and countless other characters, making it one of the best LEGO games ever.

Godfall: Challenger Edition

Godfall Challenger Edition PS

Godfall: Challenger Edition is a fast-paced action game set in a world of the core elements of the earth. The game features a dimension split into elements of Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Spirit. The game follows a complex storyline and mixes it up with the slasher-RPG genre where players have to stop an apocalyptic event. Being one of the exalted Knight’s, you can even opt for a three-player co-op with a “drop-in-drop out” system.

PlayStation Plus December 2021: PS VR

The Persistence

The Persistence PS

The Persistence is a space-survival game featuring the dystopian world from the year 2521. The story took place in a doomed space colony of titular aircraft. The game challenges you to survive in a dark world where your crew members have mutated into monsters, and as the protagonist of the story, you have to play as a clone of Zimri Eder and fix the aircraft while surviving in the pitch-dark space.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Standard Edition

The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners PS

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Standard Edition follows the classic horror formula mixed with the advancement of PS VR. The game features some of the scariest cut scenes and jump scares throughout the chapters replicating the original The Walking Dead universe. The core gameplay focuses on survival, sneaking, and scavenging for essentials in the ruins of humanity in the city of New Orleans.

Until You Fall

Until You Fall PS VR

Until You Fall is an action-packed arcade-inspired VR game with features of the classic hack-and-slash rogue-like genre. With PS VR, you get to experience the battle firsthand, and as you level up in the game, stronger opponents will emerge to challenge you to duels. The game has some of the best fighting mechanics that allow you to swing your sword at full speeds and execute your players with multiple combos and cast spells.

That’s an exciting lineup being offered by Sony as part of the PlayStation Plus December 2021 games. Which of these is your favourite? Let us know in the comment box below.

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