Portronics unveils its Ruffpad 15M Coloured Smart Pad in India


  • Portronics launches its new Ruffpad 15M coloured smart pad in India
  • It costs Rs 1,399 and is available on Amazon, Flipkart, and the company’s official website

Portronics, a brand known for its affordable yet innovative devices, has unveiled it’s Ruffpad 15M coloured smart pad with app support. It features a large coloured LCD display with a sleek portable design for drawings and notes that you can save with a smartphone app. Here’s everything you need to know about Portronic’s new Ruffpad 15M.

Portronics Ruffpad 15M Features and Specifications


The Portronics Ruffpad 15M comes with a 6.6mm 340g frame, making it highly portable to carry a place in the bag pack. The pad has a large 15-inch LCD display and a stylus that provides a sharp and ultra-smooth writing/drawing experience on the matte-finished display surface. It is powered by a simple 3V user-replaceable coin cell which offers a long-lasting battery life.

Moreover, it also features a button up front for quick erasing; on the other hand, a smart lock switch on the rear prevents it from accidental erasing. It is also possible to share your creativity or notes on your smartphone using the Ruffpad App, which is available for Android and iOS.

Portronics Ruffpad 15M Price and Availability

The Portronics Ruffpad 15M costs Rs 1,399 and is available on the company’s official website, Amazon, Flipkart, and other leading online and offline stores across India.

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