Portronics unveils new wireless ear cleaner with the 3MP Full HD camera


  • Portronics launches its new wireless digital ear cleaner otoscope in India
  • It costs Rs 1,299 and is available on the company’s official website, Amazon, and Flipkart

Portronics, a brand known for its affordable yet innovative devices, has unveiled its new wireless otoscope, the XLife. It can wirelessly stream a 360° Full HD view of your external acoustic meatus (ear canal) on your smartphone and a safe silicone scoop tip to help you clean out the usual/daily buildup of earwax.

According to Portronics, the XLife is extremely versatile and one of the safest otoscopes for treating earwax buildup. Let’s take a closer look at the newly launched otoscope.

Portronics XLife Features and Specifications

portronics xlife

The Portronics XLife 3-megapixel eye (FHD camera) features an ultra-fine 3.5mm lens for a crisp and clear view of everything ahead and around it, with a 6-LED spotlight to keep everything bright. In order to make things safer and more convenient, the otoscope includes a 3-axis gyroscope for a 360° view for better handling.

The device has Wi-Fi 2.4GHz connectivity for monitoring the ear directly from a smartphone. It is connected by the XLife App, which is available on Android and iOS. The otoscope also allows you to save the video or take pictures in case you want to show it to your ENT. Moreover, the device is claimed to offer 30 min of battery life on a single charge.

Portronics XLife Price and Availability

The Portronics XLife costs Rs 1,299 and is available on the company’s official website, Amazon, Flipkart, and other leading online and offline stores across India.

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